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Crime Reduction And Gun Control Essay

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Connor Bjornnes, Section M

Josh Leroux works on the outskirts of Columbia, at the Route 66 gas station. He transferred from Jefferson City to Columbia for a better work opportunity.
“I noticed that there’s been a lot less crime, I don’t have to call the cops anymore,” Leroux said. “When I transferred from Jefferson City, there were some weird people that came in, but I haven’t had to call the police in ever.”
Missouri crime is on the decline and the statistics are piling up to prove it. People are becoming educated and more aware of crime. Capt. Hull of the Missouri State Patrol shed some light on the matter.
“There were 162 reports in 2012 where a weapon was ...view middle of the document...

Information collected by the United States Department of Justice, has revealed that since 1993, the national homicide rate is down 49 percent along with the rate of firearm related deaths down 3 persons per 100 thousand people since 1981. Nonfatal crimes dropped 69 percent during the same period.
“Don’t believe everything the media tells you,” McKenzie said. “It’s a legitimate way to protect your family. The idea that guns kill people butts heads against lots of presumptions the media is throwing at the public.”
Steve Weise is a Family Pawn sales associate in Columbia. His best sellers are guns that people pawn and eventually are bought.
“I believe that the most common misconception is that guns kill people, it’s an inanimate object,” Weise said.

Connor Bjornnes 3
“I could load all of these handguns in the safe and none of them will ever go off unless I pull the trigger.”
They sell lot of items, but their most browsed inventory is firearms. He sees every sort of character and has no problem selling a weapon.
“We check if they’ve got problems with the FBI and make...

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