Crime Through The Sociological Perspective: All Over But The Shoutin’

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Rick Bragg’s All Over but the Shoutin’ is an autobiography that dives right into both the depth of his destitute upbringing as well as his edgy career as a journalist. Having a neglectful father and a struggling single mother, Bragg and his family went through many hardships that can seem both unreal to some and commonplace to others. As he started to pursue his career as a journalist, he was a first hand witness to many atrocities, such as the riots in Miami in 1991. While reading through the text, it is astonishing how many references there are about different theoretical aspects of crime. There is no question that criminal activity proves to be a chronic issue in our society, but where the real question lies is not in how we can rid our society of crime altogether, but the roots it stems from. Throughout the years, many sociologists have developed a number of different theories concerning the origins of crime society, studies on the stratification of the justice system and how the two are both interdependent of one another.
In order to understand the nature of crime through the sociological perspective, one must first understand how they define it. In the most legal sense, crime is defined as only specific behaviors that violate particular laws (Nettler 1). Crime comes in many shapes and forms, and the “sociological perspective” consists of three major theories and is commonly used to address the issues of crime: functionalism, conflict theory, and symbolic interaction. Functionalists focus on just that: the innate function that crime serves in our society. They generally argue that crime is necessary to maintain structure and by singling criminals out as socially deviant reaffirms what is “good” or “normal.” Conflict theorists on the other hand believe that people who are more disadvantaged are most likely to become criminals and less likely to be able to conceal their actions had they not have been more well-off. They tend to focus more on the inequalities of race, class and gender. Symbolic interaction theorists believe that crime is a behavior that is learned through social interaction, meaning that people can be engaging in criminal activity but does not have a sense of whether or not it’s right or wrong in comparison to the dominant culture’s expectations because their actions has always been positively reinforced within their own sub-culture. Whatever the case, each perspective traces criminal behavior to social conditions rather than the personalities of individuals (Andersen and Taylor 162).
Now that basic understandings of the theories sociologists use to study crime, we can begin to see how they attribute to some of the problems that emerge because of it. In All Over but the Shoutin’, the first incident that catches my attention within the context of crime is John Sparks, the man who frantically shot the couple in the park. He is described as being a “sexually obsessive man, addicted to alcohol, who had failed...

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