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Crimean Effects To Internationl Law Essay

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Crimean issue has a serious impact for the of safety and stability between the Europe, and Asia. Vladimir Putin restored historical events in memory similar to those of Adolf Hitler in the “second world war” of the year and 30th of Leonid Brezhnev 60 years. Vladimir Putin ordered the invasion of Ukraine, the Crimean peninsula. This mild aggression he initially justified by the protection of the “Human rights” of Russians in the Crimea , and although there is not a reliable report of violation in “human rights” . Then, his aggression, Putin based the letters that he received from Russian brothers who wanted his defense, and occupation of the Crimean territory. But in international law view it is that there has to be an intervention in cases of:” threat to the peace, breach of the peace, or acts of aggression.” It is clear that Russia has imposed threat to the Ukrainian territory by aggression occupying the Crimean part.
Thus, finally it justified the annexation of the territory of an independent country with strategic importance of the Crimean, which rigidly violated the UN Charter, the OSCE and the Budapest Memorandum , which Russia has signed , as one of the guarantors of the sovereignty and integrity of Ukraine territory . Thus, starting with the violation under UN charter which states that: UN Charter. Article 2, paragraph 4: “All Members shall refrain in their international relations from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state, or in any other manner inconsistent with the Purposes of the United Nations.” The charter is a mirror of violated obligations for Russia as a permanent member of the Security Council. The Russians have violated integral territory rights of the Ukraine, by claiming that they aimed for stability for the country. However, this is not right because as a UNSC member their obligation would be assisting the Ukrainian country with help in order to stabilize the late events of revolution that took place in the January of 2014.
In 1990’s after denuclearization of Ukraine by America, and Russia as a nuclear power that has defined the borders of its neighbor , and who has signed to be the guarantee of the inviolability of these borders . This clearly demonstrates that aggression of Vladimir Putin act is against Ukraine. Putin opened the onset of its potential use as nuclear blackmail tool to gently invade any country or any country with Russian population, for citizens who request assistance of Putin in any country that presents strategic interest for Russia.
Furthermore, another law which has been violated is the “International law Interpretation and Dispute Resolution”. When Russia has taken measures to protect their population living in Crimea, they have done this in an unbinding form. According to the “International law interpretation and dispute resolution” they have expelled the form of finding a...

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