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Crimes Involving Alcohol Essay

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Alcohol concern is becoming a major issue across the world these days. More and more people are drinking alcohol every single day. The misuse of alcohol among older people is one of the major problems. Alcohol is also becoming a problem with teenagers abusing it. Even though it's illegal for them to drink, they still tend to experiment with it at such a young age. Different types of people are resorting to alcohol to cope with their problems and will often end up abusing it. Alcohol abuse is what tends to lead people to commit crimes. People tend to become more violent while under the influence of alcohol than people who are not under the influence. Alcohol and crimes are interrelated because there are more violent criminal acts happening around the world that involve alcohol.There are many different types of crimes people commit. While under the influence of alcohol, people tend to commit more crimes than while sober. Driving under the influence is one of the examples of criminal acts people can commit. Not everyone looks at driving under the influence a crime. They tend to think that alcohol is a legal substance and it's alright for them to have a few drinks, get into a car, and go driving. They're right alcohol is legal; however, driving while under the influence is not. Police these days are cracking down on people driving under the influence of alcohol and any other controlled substance. Not only are the people putting themselves at risk, there also putting other peoples' lives at risk. When someone gets behind the wheel of a car after he or she has had a few drinks, he or she is not actually in total control of the car. Their vision and their judgment are affected along with their reaction time. Alcohol is the highest during nighttime vehicle crashes. "Among fatally injured motor vehicle drivers in 2001, 32 percent had BAC's at or above 0.08 percent".(1) They also have a 328 times higher chance of being in a car accident than non-drinkers. When you think of alcohol and driving, alcohol definitely has an affect on automobile drivers.Alcohol has it affects on other types of crimes too. Robbery, theft, and public intoxication are just a few of them. It is a fact that 40 percent of convicted offenders incarcerated for violent crimes used alcohol before the crime. When a person is under the influence of alcohol he or she feels as if they are at ease. They feel like they are indestructible...

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