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Crime And Prostitutes Essay

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Prostitution is ambiguous to define. The Webster's dictionary defines prostitution as 1. the act or practice of engaging in sexual intercourse 2. any base or unworthy use of talent, ability, etc. But the act of prostitution involves many other associated facets that are included under this extensive act. There's the act itself, soliciting, advertising, pimping, house brothels, street prostitution, phone sex and even computer sex. Sweden treats prostitution as legal, however pimping is illegal. Canada bans soliciting for prostitution, but not the act themselves. Except for a few places in Nevada, the United States bans prostitution but permits its advertisement and tolerates massage parlors or bars that house it. Germany has legal and inspected houses of prostitution, but unsuspected prostitutes can still do business illegally, and those inspected can still buy and trade illegal drugs (Felson 1998 p 67). Do the difference in laws and regulations from country and states, prostitution as deviance can only be analyzed through selecting a particular social environment. For this reason I will look at the prostitution as a deviance in the United States. Prostitution includes but is not limited to the following: (1) A person engages in "prostitution" if the person engages, or offers to engage, in the provision to another person, under an arrangement of a commercial character, of any of the following activities- a) sexual intercourse; b) masturbation; c) oral sex; d) any activity, other than sexual intercourse, masturbation or oral sex, that involves the use of 1 person by another for his or her sexual satisfaction involving physical contact. (2) However, a person does not engage in prostitution if- a) the activity is an activity mentioned in subsection (1)d); and b) the person is providing adult entertainment under an adult entertainment permit and is an adult and is not an intellectually impaired person; and c) the activity is authorized under the permit.. Post war culture accentuated sexuality as the source of individual uniqueness, later progressing into the ideals of equality and mutuality between the sexes thus producing our sexual culture, as we know it today. Defining prostitution as a deviance Ancient civilizations did not condemn prostitution as sinful, but within the course of events over the past century, the view in most societies has changed to deem the act to the contrary (Thio p 214). To define prostitution as a deviance one must take into consideration the dynamics to which it applies. In correspondence with the Interactionist Perspective, Anleu observes how it is not the act of prostitution but how people identify it that makes it deviant. According to Roach Anleu (p 70) prostitutes carry the general label of those who deviate from gender norms of monogamy, virginity, marriage and etiquette. In the eyes of society prostitution conjures up thoughts of licentious, unruly sexual antics, monogamy, incessant sexual offences and an element of...

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2067 words - 8 pages maintenance, isolation and social difficulties. These women are mostly not known by the social authorities. Even in the group of street prostitutes there are differences in status between them who take drugs and them that don't.Among 8-10 of the prostitutes that we know about have hiv. They have regular contact with doctors and are taken care of. As soon as they show up on the street they have to be removed because of the risk of infection.The crime rate

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