Crime In Relation To Sustainability Essay

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Crime in Relation to Sustainability
When discussing the sustainability of a community, we must consider the economic, social, and environmental well-being of the community and how these affect present and future residents. The social aspect of community sustainability relates to the rise and fall of crime rate, volunteer effort, and the number of people running for offices that represent the community. The economical aspect relates to the number of good paying jobs, the poverty rate, and the ability of people to find homes that they can afford. In the community of Dallas I grew up in, there was a problem with controlling the distribution and consumption of illegal drugs. Drugs in a community can affect the social and economic well-being of a community by increasing the crime rate and the poverty rate in a community. In order for the community to prosper and be able to sustain, present and future, we need more police involvement in the community. If more police became involved in the community, criminals participating in illegal activities would either be scared away or forced to change their habits. More police involvement in the community would also make residents more comfortable with their safety and the safety of their loved ones.
Drug traffickers often use violence as a means to scare, intimidate, or prove a point. In a community that involves drug use and drug trafficking, residents no longer feel safe in the community. Drugs are related to crimes in many ways. It is a crime to use, make, possess, and distribute drugs; but drugs are also related to crime because of the effects they can have on the user’s behavior. Drug users under the influence of an illegal drug are not always conscious of the effects their behavior can have on family, friends, and even themselves. In a 2004 study, it was found that all tracts in my community (zip code 75212) had crime rates higher than the city average for residential personal crime. This research supports the suggestion that the residents of the community are in danger because of the illegal activity other residents participate in. This leads to decreases in the number of people willing to move into and associate with the community. When researching the crime rate of residential property crime, the evidence was similar. Residential property crime in my community is “252.4 per 1,000 population, which was roughly 8 times the city’s average” (Martin 14). Residents in the community are not just facing the possibility of being harmed by crime, their homes and personal assets are also at risk. When drug users in the community are unable to afford their drug habits, they attempt to steal the property of other residents.
In Broken Windows (1992), an article that introduced the Broken Windows Hypothesis, Kelling argues that addressing minor “quality-of-life” offenses that contribute to public disorder, such as public drinking and drug abuse, would prevent more serious crimes from being committed. With...

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