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Criminal And Fbi Profiling Job Essay

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Gina Bale
Mrs. Albers
English IV
January 20, 2014
FBI profiling
People wonder what type of motive a person could have to commit crime. FBI profiling is the act of discovering what is happening in a person’s mind when a crime is committed. FBI profilers try to think like the criminals to help law enforcement catch the criminal and stop from further damages. FBI profiling has always been a passion for people, it eliminates the amounts of stress that can be apparent in the lives of people today. Some of the most interesting and unusual killers will be identified by profiling. Senior Experience Capstone will allow the students to see the connection between the learning and the future steps to the goal.
Criminal profiling is the system known by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) as an investigative analysis. FBI agents are highly disciplined in law enforcement. Criminal profilers study every behavioral aspect and the details of unsolved crimes in which certain evidence has been left at the scene. FBI profilers often solve murders by observing the offender's behavior. By examining this the profiler can identify as a physical, erotic, verbal and interactions they had with the victims. Crimes are often solved by the offender’s psychopathology. Crimes that FBI profilers might be acquainted include sexual assaults, homicides, kidnappings, bombings, threats, battery, and manslaughter are just some of the main points of what FBI profilers deal with on a normal basis. The action of criminal profiling goes into depth of personality of the criminal and an analysis of how the crime was committed. The profiler will considered any information from the crime scene, eyewitnesses and possible motives for the crime. FBI profilers will interview criminals to get an understanding of motives and patterns of their offender. Crimes convicted of similar misdemeanor will provide information for profilers to get insight of similar criminals. They can also get additional details from families, friends and other acquaintances.
There is positive and negative in every job career. Depending on a persons job you can really like it or really hate it. Some of the pros for FBI profiling are: decent paying job, government job, stability, and benefit package are just some of the great benefits that FBI profiling offers. Some negatives that would not be very beneficial are: a lot of desk time, government job, and restricted powers are just some of the downfalls in becoming a FBI profiler. Another weakness of profiling is the person does not fit the crime. This can cause the profiler to miss evidence that is related with the crime or with the suspect because that person may not fit the profile of the crime. However, by profiling a person can eliminate some suspects that do not fit the profile. FBI profiling can be a very dangerous depending on the danger level of the crime. Additional background will help out such as: mental understanding, capability and stability. By having...

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