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This paper is going to report on and discusses the technology of the Criminal Investigations Unit used today, and how this technology has solved a closed or old case as well as a recently solved case.The Criminal Investigations Unit is usually comprised of three Investigators commanded by a Sergeant. The Criminal Investigations Unit’s responsibilities vary, but for the most part are for the investigation, apprehension, and preparation for prosecution of criminal cases, and the recovery of stolen property. The Criminal Investigations Unit is tasked with police functions of an investigative nature. The Criminal Investigation Unit investigations vary but do consist of Battery/Assault, Sex Crimes, Burglaries, Economic Crimes, Computer Crimes, Robberies, Auto Thefts, and Missing/Endangered Persons. (Dantzker, 2003)The Criminal Investigations Unit is usually also responsible for the follow-up investigation of all criminal offenses reported to the police department (Dantzker, 2003). The investigators receive specialized training and equipment designed to enhance the investigator's abilities to better serve the citizens of the police department. The investigators usually work closely with the Patrol Division and the State Attorney's Office to ensure a positive disposition on each case investigated. (Dantzker, 2003)The Evidence and Property Section can also be a part of the Criminal Investigations Unit, and is responsible for all evidence and property that is submitted into evidence, or for safe keeping. The Evidence and Property Section should maintain the chain of custody for all evidence and property seized or impounded by the police department. (Dantzker, 2003)Found property usually pertains to all property found within the city limits by either law enforcement personnel or citizens. Found property is submitted and usually held for a specific amount of time. If the owner of the property is not located within that time frame, the property could be held until the periodic posting in a public place of the found property, prior to destruction or disposal. (Dantzker, 2003)Safe keeping, could be any property in the care and custody of the police department, which is not considered evidence. Usually, the department's sole purpose for having the property is to ensure the safe return to its owner, protect the property from criminal acts or to maintain custody of the property for a short period of time to ensure the safety of the owner or general public. (Dantzker, 2003)Criminal Investigation Units use technology to help with solving crimes. One example has helped with a recently solved case involving the arrest of an Oregon fugitive. The FBI and the Portland, Oregon Police Department wanted a man named Steven Salmon regarding fugitive arrest warrants (Ransier, 2007). Salmon was on the run for 18 counts of 1st and 2nd degree rape and unlawful flight to avoid prosecution with a bail amount of $4,500,000. The rape involved a 10-year old female, who had...

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