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Criminal Justice Career Essay

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There are many different careers you can pursue with a criminal justice degree. The choices are also all across the board, from the secret service, US customs agent, and deportation officer to coroner, social worker and park ranger. If I had to narrow my choice down to three careers they would be child support agency worker, social worker or a park ranger.
First why I would choose child support agency worker is because I have seen first-hand someone having kids and just giving them up like they’re pets and instead of trying to support them they buy drugs and alcohol. I know there are many people like that out there and I would like to make a difference and help someone that really needs ...view middle of the document...

Last I would choose a park ranger because I absolutely love the outdoors; I could work outside all day every day and never get sick of going to work. I am a very adventurous person and I would love to spend every day protecting what God put on this earth.
If I had to choose of the three which one I would want to do it would be the Social worker because as I said before I love children and I hate seeing them suffer in any way possible. I always try to help in any way when I see anyone suffering whether it’s a child or an adult, although if I have tried to help you and you don’t appreciate it and you do not try to help yourself I won’t try again. I believe that you should be grateful for what God has given you and you should spread what you have been given with the less fortunate. Social work just fits my personality, if I can help just one person throughout my entire career it would be more than worth the entire long and tiresome path it took to get there. Social work is a hard job to necessarily describe, you are many things; you are a mentor, a parent figure, a chance that they might not have had, a friend, a listener, and so many other things. The actual definition of Social Work (Merriam-Webster dictionary online) is the work done by someone who works for a government or private organization that helps people who have financial or family problems. Social work is an exciting career that is related to psychology. They are mental health professionals help people with a wide range of issues, including psychological, financial, health, relationship, and substance abuse. If you want a career that is rewarding but also challenging, or on that you contribute you your society then social work is for you; that is why this job would be perfect for me. Many people who work in this field specialize in specific areas, like helping children, aiding people with addictions, and helping individuals with life-threatening problems. As a social worker you probably save so many lives without even knowing it and that would be the most rewarding thing that you could possible do. According to the U.S. Department of labor, five out of every ten social workers are employed in the...

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