Criminal Justice Internship Essay

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Dallas County Adult Probation            Denise Catherine Tobias

133 North Industrial Blvd                                     Dr. Barrum

Dallas, TX 75207

          REPORT #7     Evaluation and Consolidation of Goals

                    Your final report should be a complete report of your internship experiences under the title “How I Evaluate Myself as a Future Criminal Justice Worker,” and may not exceed five typed pages. Describe the extent to which the theoretical knowledge included your course work at the College of Criminal Justice at Sam Houston State University contributed to your field practice experience during your internship. Cite at least two SHSU courses. Show what you have learned, indicate how your ideas have changed or been supported, and why. List your strengths and weaknesses and grade yourself on job performance.

How I Evaluate Myself as a Future Criminal Justice Worker

     The quest for knowledge and understanding drives individuals to explore the unknown and live out the thoughts that once consumed their minds. Experience and formed opinions are the end results of these journeys; assumptions are either reinforced or shattered, but either way the truth is a little bit closer than before. Dark and gray areas consume the field of criminal justice; only personal experience can serve as a light. Participating in the internship program offered through the College of Criminal Justice at Sam Houston State University has become that light. Throughout this semester the knowledge acquired from SHSU criminal justice classes combined with the experiences gained from the Dallas County Adult Probation Department has produced an exceptional understanding of fact and theory pertaining to the field of criminal justice. Courses such as Criminology 262 and the Fundamentals of Criminal Law 264 contributed to the personal triumph gained from involvement in the internship program and allowed individual strengths and weaknesses to arise.
     Criminology 262 is a core criminal justice class at Sam Houston State University. Criminology itself is the systematic study of the nature, extent, etiology and control of lawbreaking behavior. The core components revealed in this course are definitions of crime in nature as harm causing behavior, the descriptions and classifications of criminals, the analysis of crime, profiles of everyday victims and offenses, and the origin of crime. The field of probation relies heavily on these components in order to understand and properly categorize offenders, stay...

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