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Criminal Law Investigation Essay

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Criminal Law InvestigationMurderMurder is when a person of sound mind unlawfully kills any person with malice aforethought.To be convicted of murder, it has to be proven that the accused planned to kill the victim, or that the accused acted in a way that he/she knew would harm or kill the victim.To defend against murder, one could claim self-defence, that is, that they killed the person while defending themselves, if this was proven, the accused should get acquitted. They could also claim they were provoked, if this was proven, the crime would be brought down to manslaughter.The punishment for murder is usually life imprisonment, but the court can impose any punishment they choose.A current Australian case is the one involving Adrian Bryant, who is accused of killing many people in Port Arthur earlier this year.AssaultCommon assault (not sexual or seizing assault), is the use of force by a person intending to inflict pain, injury, discomfort or insult on another person.To prove this, it must be shown that the accused committed the crime, no forethought needs to be proven.To defend against this, the accused could claim it was an accident, self-defence or consent of the victim. Consent is just if the victim said it was all right for the accused to do what he/she did. The other two are self explanatory.The maximum penalty is 5 years imprisonment, but commonly punishments include fines, good behaviour and community based orders.A recent case in Australia was of a man who was stabbed outside a nightclub by a group of people.RapeRape is any introduction of any object into the vagina or anus of another person without their consent.To prove rape it must be proven that it was committed without the consent of the victim.The common defence is that the victim consented to the act, whereas, the accused would be acquitted.The punishment for rape is a...

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1124 words - 5 pages , 2006).The "first appearance for a criminal defendant before the court that has the authority to conduct a trial", is called an arraignment (Schmalleger, 2006). In this process the judge will hear the information (charges) and read it to the defendant, and again his/her rights are read to him/her by the judge. This is when the criminal defendant will enter a plea of either; not guilty, guilty, or no contest (Schmalleger, 2006).Criminal law

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983 words - 4 pages offense and the job for the rejection to be plausible (Roehling & Hickox 2013). When performing a background check, the employer needs to be as thorough as possible when they look into the applicant’s past. A reasonable investigation means that the employer has adequate information to make a decision. If a criminal record appears, the employee needs to look at whether it was a misdemeanor or felony, the type of crime, and how long ago was the

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Criminal profiling should become a common tool in criminal investigations because it provides a plethora of critical information that has led to the arrest of elusive and dangerous criminals in the...

3241 words - 13 pages Behavioral xxxxx Science Unit Revolutionized Crime Investigation. Amherst, New York: Prometheus xxxxx Books, 2004 Esherick, Joan. Criminal Psychology and Personality Profiling. Philadelphia: Mason Crest xxxxx Publishers, 2006 Ewing, Charles Patrick, and Joseph T. McCann. Minds On Trial: Great Cases in Law and xxxxx Psychology. New York City: Oxford University Press, Inc., 2006 Ramsland, Katherine . The Forensic Psychology of Criminal Minds. New

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858 words - 4 pages techniques came into place among police officers would be still on a high note, at the expense of crime-solving skills. The transforming of policing into a modern profession would not have happened, (Dempsey&Forst, 2012). Works Cited Becker, R. F. (2005). Criminal investigation (2nd ed.). Sudbury, Mass.: Jones and Bartlett Publishers. Dempsey, J. S., &Forst, L. S. (2012). An introduction to policing (6th ed.). Clifton Park, NY: Delmar Cengage Learning. Scheb, J. M., &Scheb, J. M. (2011). Criminal law and procedure (7th ed.). Belmont, CA: wadsworth Cengage Learning. Siegel, L. J. (2009). Introduction to criminal justice. St. Paul: West Pub. Co..

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1152 words - 5 pages . This will lead to the tax payers have the responsibility to recover the tax loss and coupled with heavy penalties. Criminal tax investigations focus on gathering some acceptable evidence that prosecute and belief that the tax evader is offences to the law. The purpose of Tax investigation is varies from business to business. It ensures the correct amounts of tax are collected and determine the person responsible for the offence and follow the

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