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Criminal Life Of Georg Jung Essay

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It could be said that if you lived in the United States and did cocaine in the late 70’s to early 80’s, there is an 80% chance it went through George Jung’s hands. Born and raised in Massachusetts, George Jung was often described as a street smart natural leader. In his college years George moved to California to pursue a degree in advertising. It is there, however where George’s natural skills as a leader would meet an opportunity too tempting to refuse.As a way to make some extra money George began selling pot to friends. His first big move in the business came after contacts with friends back at U Mass Amherst made him aware of the lucrative potential of running drugs. After several years of smuggling California grade marijuana back east by way of his stewardess girlfriend, Jung decided to cut out the middleman and import the pot direct from Mexico. His new method reportedly netted Jung and his associates more than $250,000 a month. This success was short lived however, as Jung was soon arrested in Chicago, Illinois with 660 pounds of marijuana and sent to do time in Danbury Connecticut.While in prison there, George Jung became acquainted with the Medellin Cartel and the cocaine business through the likes of young German/Columbian man by the name of Carlos Lehder. In exchange for these newfound connections, Jung helped teach Lehder how to smuggle. This new friendship would spawn one of the biggest drug crazes in U.S. Immediately when Jung got out of prison, he made contact with Pablo Escobar himself to begin work.The new plan was to fly cocaine from Escobar’s ranch in Columbia to Jung’s old marijuana connection in California (Richard Barile). George and associates began this by stealing single engine planes from private fields in Cape Cod. They then proceeded to fly the drugs up themselves. After only just a few trips however, they were able to purchase planes and hire private pilots.At the peak of this enterprise Jung...

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