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Criminal Offenses And Possible Reasons For Crimes

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Criminal Diversity Thesis Statement Although it is hard to make a statement that only certain groups are involved with criminal activities, some people are far more likely than others to commit offenses and or being victimized. Discussion The decade of 80’s saw an increasing apprehension of crime escalation in both the United States and Europe. In Britain, for instance, during the decades of 70, 80 and 90, the crimes reported have increased thrice in numbers. For instance, during the decade of 70’s, around 1.6 million offenses were recorded as compared to the increased number of crimes in 1992 that numbered to 5.4 million crimes in England. These increasing numbers have unquestionably focused the attention of politicians, investigators, social activists, as well as government executives, with the consequence that there has been a sudden increase of crime deterrence movement in the same time. This gave rise to the law and order discussion that is still prevalent and can be easily observed in many election canvassing. More and more politicians were making use of crime as a political matter that could draw votes plus there was the change from trying to comprehend criminals more willingly than held them responsible, in order to stress on pre-emptive measures in addition to efforts to eliminate crimes. Perchance, the chief noteworthy idea that encouraged this line of attack was the thought that crime is not a result of injured population, to be exact population in some manner debilitated by their rearing or deficiency of life opportunities, other than for the reason that some people are evil and self-centered. According to Wilson (1975) the wickedness of people could only be separated from the good of people when the wicked people are separated and segregated from the good people in the society. Wilson (1975) was of the opinion that the criminal justice system was yielding on crime and increasingly concerned with the thoughtfulness towards the criminals instead of putting off crime. He further backed the intensification of punishments for crimes committed. In the United States, in the decade of 90s, the imprisonment rate was the highest in the world. The theory of law and order injected in the criminal justice system in America is an outcome of the Control Theory that resulted in the compulsory least prison punishments for brutal crimes, the three strikes laws, the prisons of boot camp and the revival of the application of capital punishment. A fundamental characteristic of the methodology is to take away justifications for crime. A case in point, a great deal conventional criminological philosophy links destitution with crime. However, Wilson (1975) does not agree with this notion that poverty leads to crime. In fact, Wilson (1975) is of the opinion that material comfort and riches may possibly be further connected with the increase in crime numbers. Thus, during the decade of 60’s, in both the early and late part, the American public saw the...

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