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The question of punishment deterring crime has been around for centuries. There are many opinions on this subject, some punishments do and some punishments do not. "Punishment remains a central objective of our criminal justice system" (Friedrichs, 2005). The main thing to figure out is what types of punishments fit certain crimes. For example, a person robbing a store should not receive the same punishment as a person whom commits murder. Most societies look towards the justice system to prevent crime but things do not always turn out the way people want it too.Retribution is something received after a person commits a crime or does something wrong. A person whom commits a crime is made to make retribution for his crimes, whether it is money, jail time, or both. Retribution comes with a price, especially when the crime is robbing a store or burglarized a person's house. The perpetrator has to pay for the things he took. There is a saying that goes; an eye for an eye, this is mostly what retributions stands for.Deterrence is "the attempt to discourage criminality through the use of punishment" (Macionis, 2006). This form is to prevent people from doing things which are illegal. Most people will not commit crimes because they are afraid of the repercussions. Some people believe that if the punishment is bad enough then people will think twice about committing a crime again. I believe as long as the punishment fits the crime then people will be deterred.Rehabilitation happens when a person uses his time wisely and learns a new task. Some say that criminals are made from their environment, which can lead to the assumption that they cannot help themselves. This can also mean that new behaviors can be taught the same way the other behaviors were. Rehabilitation should be a part of any prison system mainly because it helps the prisoners. 'The task force's final report issues a clarion call for change -- demanding that rehabilitation become an "explicit part" of the prison system's mission' (Florida corrections Shift, 2006). The most important thing in Rehabilitation is to control the environment to make sure only the good comes through. Most prisons will have a machine shop or a factory of some type to teach prisoners how to better use their time, and to show them they can be a useful member of society. Depending on the crime is the amount of time a person should have to be rehabilitated.Societal protection is making sure an offender is unable to commit more crimes either temporarily or permanently through execution. Societal protection is like deterrence it helps to keep the rest of society safe from the criminals. This course is normally most effective when all other methods have failed or unwanted, like failure to rehabilitate. "A Columbia Law School professor released a report showing that two-thirds of death sentences are overturned on appeal, largely because of prosecutorial and police misconduct or incompetent defense counsel" (Wilkens, 2000)....

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