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Crip is an alliance of individual street organizations known as sets. The Crip alliance originated in Los Angeles, California. Each Crip set is it's own individual gang and are known to have sub-clicks, blocks, or lines (line-ups) which are like smaller individual sets within the set. Gang members in gangs under the Crip allaince are known as Locs and all Crips call each other "cuz" (short for cousin) to signify that they see each other as family. The gangs under the Crip Alliance are mainly identified by the color blue which is worn proudly by all Crip members as a primary color. Each Crip set has significant differences such as hand signs, use of secondary colors, and customs. The Crip alliance has significantly branched out of California and has spread throughout the majority of the United States.A 15 year old Fremont High School student named Raymond Washington started a gang called the Baby Avenues in 1969 in an attempt to be like the older gangs and copy the political activities carried out by other organizations such as the Black Panthers. The gang named itself the Avenue Cribs eventually and took on the nickname Cribs because most members were very young back then. The name Crips was first brought up in L.A. a Los Angeles newspaper in a artical about young Cribs with canes, as if they were crippled. A lot of people believe the name came to existance because of a spelling error. Either way, The name stuck and the Crips alliance was formed.Stanley Tookie Williams is one of the co-founders of the Crips. He started his own gang called the Westside Crips. The Crips were very well known throughout southern L.A. as more and more people began to join. The Crips eventually became the biggest and most ruthless gang in California and began targetting the other non-crip gangs with daily acts of violence. In retaliation, all non-crip gangs, including the Pirus, later formed an alliance that eventually became known as the Bloods.Along with a few other friends near his 78th Street home near Fremont High School, Stanley Tookie Williams and Raymond Washington created the Crips alliance with the initial intent of continuing the revolutionary ideology of the 1960s. They failed miserably because of their lack of political leadership. They later became obsessed with protecting themselves from the other non-crip alliance independent gangs in the community which began to increase violence and resistance towards the Crips. The Crips began to increase violence and take over new turf. Some of the other original founding fathers of the crips were Angelo "Barefoot Pookie" White, Melvin Hardy, Bennie Simpson, Greg Batman Davis, Jimel The God father Barnes, Raymond Cook, Ecky, Michael Christianson, Michael Shaft Concepcion, Mack Thomas and No 1.Most Crip sets wear blue. Some people believe the origin of the color is from the school colors of Washington High School in South L.A. Other believe they started wearing blue because of "Buddha", who always wore blue shirts,...

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