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Crisis In Jordan Essay

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Jordan is a fairly small country compared to its neighboring countries (about half the size of Syria). It is 35,467 square miles in total and has three main geographical regions/sections: The Great Rift Valley, the highland plateau, and the desert. The Great Rift Valley was formed when an “...earthquake forced the ocean floor up, forming two sets of mountains running North and South.” (Kummer, 19) In the valley between the mountains, the land sunk down, which resulted in the creation of the Great Rift Valley. In the great rift valley, the Jordan River is fed by Mount Hebron in Israel’s Golan Heights. The Jordan river composes a portion of Jordan’s Western border and is 77 miles long in total ...view middle of the document...

Mining employs “...20% of Jordan’s workers...” and it composes of mining mostly for phosphates and potash (both used in fertilizer), both a major export of Jordan. On the other hand, the only energy produced in Jordan is a single dam, which results in a dependency on imported oil for energy. The main exports of Jordan are “...phosphates, chemicals, potash, fruits and vegetables, and manufactured products. Imports include machinery, petroleum, grain, and meat.” (World Book 2001, 164) Regarding some of the political aspects of Jordan, “Jordan is a constitutional monarchy.” (World Book 2001, 160) Also, Jordan is composed of eight districts, each respectively lead by a governor appointed by the king (King Abdullah II). In addition, Jordan contains three types of courts in it’s judicial system: civil, religious, and special courts. The civil courts have jurisdiction over all civil/criminal cases that occur in Jordan. The religious courts deal with most personal matters, such as marriage, divorce, and adoption. The special courts deal with military matters, such...

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