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Crisis In The Social Security Administration

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As an advocate for the Social Security Administration (SSA), I would like to suggest the following proposal for your examination and potential action. The SSA, one of Americas leading organization that serves to the benefit of the public, is undergoing a series of crises. The agency functions through a top-down system of authority. Although, at first this may seem as the best method of running such a large entity, in reality it creates a problem of leadership in the administration. The top-down structure of the bureaucracy is problematic because the executives of the organization change once a new president takes office, creating a burden on the agencies ability to accomplish specific goals. Another issue that the agency is faced with is a decrease in the budget and the workforce, while experiencing an increase in the caseloads. The decrease in the budget and the workforce causes a backlog in cases of higher importance. The task of the agency is to “achieve an ambitious agenda” and overcome the challenges that the agency is faced with, in order to fully meet the needs and expectations of the American people (Cropf 11).
The issues that the Social Security administration needs to improve are problems of the top-down bureaucracy and improper budgeting. Based on these claims I propose the options of creating performance measures which will establish an effective leadership within the managerial work, citizen participation will eradicate the top-down system that the agency currently functions by and form a bottom-up system instead, and finally improvise budgeting through establishment of the E-government that will aid decision- making process for proper budgeting.
Performance Measure
The lack of leadership in the administration leads to problems in the budgeting of the agency, resulting in the need for reformation of the top down bureaucracy that the agency functions by. Frequent elections foster instability in the guidance of the policy; with every new presidency the office holders change with a goal of serving and satisfying a heterogeneous and an ever changing society (Palmer 241). The focus of leadership should no longer be on the executives of the agency but instead on the mid and lower level managerial work. “The practices of mid and lower level managers are of particular interest; not only do they make up the bulk of the managerial work-force, but the entire performance measurement system is substantially directed toward influencing their behaviors” (Thompson 267).
By developing an effective relationship within the managerial work, the problem of the top-down bureaucracy will eradicate with time. Introducing performance measures is one way in which business discipline can be introduced in the organization, which studies show will improve the leadership of the administration. According to Peter F. Drucker, the father of management (Parmenter 31), managers of “public service organizations” like the SSA must use performance measurement. “The...

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