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a. On March 8 2014, Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 was scheduled on a daily routine flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. This fight never happened. From some time and later on the air traffic control contact lost for unclear reasons. The disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight resulted the largest international search and media interest and attention in the last decades. Carrying 12 crew members from Malaysia and 227 passengers from 14 countries, the aircraft disappearance has remained an unresolved issue. The multinational rescue effort and search has recorded down as the biggest in the history. The Boeing was initiated in the Gulf of Thailand and South China Sea. Seven days after, on March 15th according to military radar data and radio "pigs" investigators concluded had 1st headed west across Malay Peninsula and some days after the Australian Maritime Safety Authority started searching the southern part of the Indian Ocean.
Every organization if is not prepared properly in crises Management situations can be vulnerable. Crisis is any situation that can threat and/or damage, any business and can significantly ruin its reputation. Public communication from Malaysia officials was initially based with confusion. First of all, to measure and evacuate Public Relations efforts from Malaysia Airlines prospect, we have t determinate the steps for dealing a Crisis Management and check n a checklist what is done and not, in what extent.
Pre- crises calculations should be the basis of every organization. What happens if? Being proactive and anticipate threats can be your weapon. You may understand that some possible situations can be preventable by modifying simply the existing methods of operations. Maybe possible answers in a worst case scenarios. Better now than after under pressure. Something that Malaysia Airlines seems that didn’t have. However, Malaysia Airlines created a Crisis Communication Team but it wasn’t trained enough for dealing that kind of crucial and important situations. Their crises communicator was a government representatives and they depended on them to communicate. Obviously government agencies are not specified to crises management and will not communicate empathy to the affected parties. Agencies from government clearly have different communicators motive than the corporation that affected. Only the Malaysian Airlines can sufficiently communicate to the passengers relatives.
b. In this situation the pubic affected was the passengers relatives and of course, crew relatives. However different kind of publics involved. They are mostly external publics in this situation:
1. Relatives of victims
2. Clients, and future clients of the Company
3. Stockholders
Communicators in a crisis situation always take into consideration the publics affected. How will deal with it. In a crisis situation. From organization point f view, in a crisis situation you have to show that if you are responsible you will...

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