Crisis Of Driving With Cell Phones

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Do you think the invention of cell phone is a pleasure or disaster? I think it depends on the people how to use it. Nowadays, almost 80 percent people have cell phone. It brings the people much convenience in the business, entertainment and communication. However, it also brings people much crisis when they are using the cell phone while driving. In my opinion, I absolutely agree the article "Phones, driving don't mix, report says" mentions about using cell phone is the major factor of traffic accident.The article "Phones, driving don't mix, report says - Cellulars listed as top distraction in causes of accidents" by Orith Goldberg shows that many traffic accidents are made by cell phone. The major reason is the drivers who cannot concentrate when they are using the cell phone while driving. The evidence indicates many drivers cannot talk on the cell phone and manage a car simultaneously. So, the Legislature is considering prohibiting cell phone using in the car when some states have banned using the cell phone while driving. However, there are many different opinions about the cell phone. Some people say cell phone may cause the traffic accident but not more serious. On the other hand, some people think using cell phone while driving would cause the traffic accident absolutely.From my point of view, using the cell phone is the main cause of traffic accident. Firstly, the attention on the road would be distracted when you dialing a number for the call. For example, when you dial the number, you need to look at the key pad and enter the number, so you would neglect the road safety, therefore, it possibly putting other people's lives in danger. Secondly, your reaction would be slower when you are talking on the phone while driving. For instance, when you are talking on the phone, you would take your attention off the road. So, you are not fully alert to turn your vehicle away from anything that suddenly occurs on the...

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