Emergency Procedures For The Kennedy Air Force Base

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###### While this paper does not have a works cited, I don't know that it needs one as it is a plan for emergency situations; however, because it is an Aqua, I am unsure how to grade it. ##### 1. Purpose
This emergency plan is in place to identify procedures to follow in the event of various types of situations and emergencies. This plan will identify the roles and responsibilities of personnel within the different areas of the base and the actions that will be taken by these predetermined individuals should an emergency occur. Each unit or agency that falls under the base will have a specified role identified within this plan to minimize the impact of different situations and emergencies that have been identified as having potential to occur.
2. Conditions of Execution

A. The following plan will be implemented when an event occurs that is beyond the control of an individual agency or if that agencies first responders are not able to get that event under control without assistance.
B. This plan will be implemented independently or in conjunction with other plans depending on the type and severity of the event.
C. All units and partners assigned to Kennedy Air Force base will adhere to the following procedures.
D. The range covered by this emergency plan will reach until the halfway point to the nearest military installation which will assist Kennedy Air Force Base, as needed which goes both ways.
E. Different circumstances may dictate any unique response needs which will be followed as directed by a lead command.
F. This plan is based on the information, factors and estimates available at the time of preparation but it may be modified as needed to conform to a specific situation or emergency.
G. Should an event occur off base that could affect operations on base or off base agencies should need assistance, the emergency will fall under one of three categories; immediate response needed mutual response, or minimal response.
3. Types of Emergencies:

A. Terrorist use of Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, or Explosives on Kennedy AFB. It is important to prepare for a variety of terrorist threats to include use of these weapons or materials and or a combination of each.
B. NATURAL DISASTERS: Kennedy AFB may experience disasters such as tornadoes and hurricanes. Kennedy AFB needs to be prepared to adequately warn and notify personnel, implement protective measures and recovery operations.
C. MAJOR ACCIDENTS: Kennedy AFB may be impacted by major accidents involving hazardous materials, crashed or downed aircraft, munitions, explosives, modes of transportation, facility emergencies or industrial accidents. Kennedy AFB must prepare for and quickly respond to major accidents to prevent the loss of life, preserve valuable resources, protect the environment and continue the mission.
D. Enemy Attacks that would include any incident where direct action is taken to destroy base facilities and harm personnel. Kennedy AFB...

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