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Crisis Worker Essay

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The person that I did my interview with was a police officer who was my co-worker at an animal hospital before she chose to switch into her career. She has a bachelor’s in Criminal Justice from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Ms. Torres is a police officer there are two duties that she can perform. For instance, she can go on foot patrol or be a beat cop (a section to be patrolled). She mainly gives tickets and half of the time she is in a car assisting to the calls that are sent to the Office of Emergency Management and Communications (OEMC). When she began her career as a police officer she expected that it to be full of excitement. She thought she would be to interact more with people and listen to their problems and help them solve them. However, what it is really like is that she is giving tickets to people and she does not have too much interaction with the people only greeting them. Sometimes, they get calls that distract them from a location ...view middle of the document...

Therefore, when we had the Black Hawks Parade people were not allowed to carry backpacks. They had a role call meeting to show the officers what the bombs could look like and take action when necessary.
The violence over the weekend is a crisis that she thinks could be helped by tougher laws on guns. There was an incident she had before the weekend where they were attending to a disturbance and then they heard shots fired a few blocks away so they went. When they arrived there were two men who were injured. One man had stab wounds and the other one had a graze from a gun. The two men were in altercation. She thought that the men might go into jail and be charged with something. Then, she found out that both men were set free because there was no evidence that the men had injured each other which was weird. Her values and morals have not changed but she thinks that some laws need to be tougher to be better for the people.
Burnout is a big issue when dealing with police officers. She sees that many of her co-workers deal fine with it by working out and some who don’t are mainly grumpy. She deals with her burnout to prevent it from happening; she goes to work-out before she comes home to her children and husband. The superintendent tries his best to motivate the employees and when really needed he encourages her co-workers to get time off until they feel much better.
She does not bring home work with her right now since she started a few months ago. “No, not really. We tend to leave our work at work because I don’t want to get my life and work mixed together especially since I started not too long ago.” However, she knows that the longer she has her job and if she moves up she might have to take work home. Ms. Torres tends to not bring work home and relieves her stress before coming home in order to take care of her children since they are still in school. She wants to make sure that they are well cared for and that her job won’t interfere with her family. She enjoys spending time with her children and that is why she waited a few years until they were old enough so she could become a police officer.

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