Cristoph’s Critique Of Ubuntu. Is Marx Correct To See Ubuntu As A ‘Model Of Governance' Political School Wits Essay

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Date: 16 October 2017
Topic: Discuss critically Cristoph’s Marx critique of Ubuntu. Is Marx correct to see Ubuntu as a ‘Model of governance that emphasizes conformity and the suppression of dissent?
The focus of this essay is to immensely articulate the role of Ubuntu and leadership as critical values that can promote better service delivery and ultimately promote good governance. The paper will focus on whether we can consider Ubuntu as a philosophy that can be able to assist the government in achieving their mandate and goals. Ubuntu is and has become a philosophy and way of life that has enhanced the society to be held together, this adhering to its different beliefs and practices, how true id this? One approach in this paper will focus on the key values of Ubuntu and how it has enhanced governance. Finally, we look at negative behaviour that is related to the Ubuntu philosophy
There is a word in South Africa -Ubuntu- that describes his greatest gift. His recognition that we are all bond together in ways that can be invisible to the eye; that there is a oneness to humanity; that we achieve ourselves by sharing ourselves with others, and caring for those around us. (Barack Obama, 2014).
Ubuntu is an old African term for “humanness” this also meaning “for caring and for sharing”. It has been mostly defined as the opposite of being selfish and self-centred. Ubuntu promotes a lot of cooperation between many individuals, cultures and nations. It has thus empowered us to trust in our values and make them reach our utmost potential. An Ubuntu style of governance means a “humane” style of government which is based on collective, solidarity and a “one” community basis, rather than individualism and selfishness. The principles of Ubuntu as leadership philosophy emphasise collectivism and relationships over material things, including owning opportunities, challenges and mostly responsibilities.
Defining Ubuntu
The concept Ubuntu, is not easily definable. The concept has been generally at most times described as a world view of African societies and it carries with it a determine factor in the formation of perceptions which influence social conduct. Ubuntu has also been described as a philosophy of life, which mostly represent humanity, personhood and morality (Brack, Hill, Edwards, Grootboom and Lassiter 2003: 319).
There is also of diverse culture in African countries, there are also a lot of commonalities which can be found among them, such as value systems, beliefs, practices and others. These are areas which largely reflect the African world-view. The most abiding principles of well-known worldview is known as the notion of Ubuntu/Botho (humanism or humanness). Ubuntu is an old philosophy and a way of life that has for a very long time sustained the African countries in the Sub-Saharan Africa in particular and Africa as a whole (Manyaka and Mothlabi 2005:215).
Ubuntu can be defined as...

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