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Criteria For Speech

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Our group decided for our new space colony's criteria to be a civilized community. We picked these ten people because we know they have the skills to survive, build a great civilization and work together. They also all have the values and personalities that will be important to establish our colony.There are positive aspects and reasoning for the choices made within these ten people, other than the pilot and co-pilot who are necessities. Mrs. Cox is an elementary school teacher who is chosen because when the community begins to procreate, she will be able to teach and tutor their offspring/children. Mohammed Tyron is a civil right activist and in his fourth year of medical school. He is chosen because he is a born intelligent leader who knows how to take charge of situations, especially if there are any emergencies. Also because he has basic common knowledge of human anatomy so he can treat and cure illness or injury. Sofia Gonzales is a young registered nurse. She can assist any of the doctors in emergencies and care for anyone who might get sick. Dr. Chew is the space colony's dentist. Other than caring for the community's teeth; she has strong genes, she is able to reproduce, and she can offer more knowledge to the offspring of the colony. Harvey Wallace runs a successful home repair business. He is a handyman and can fix/repair any mechanical, electrical, or plumbing problem. Rabbi Kleinman majored in civilizations therefore knows how all civilizations were started, survived and ended. He can show the village how to survive with very limited resources. Alf Sorenson is a bricklayer who can construct just about anything the colony needs. He is street smart, knows survival skills because he was in the military (good hunter, navigator, and protector...

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Ever since the establishment of the First Amendment, there seemed

1276 words - 5 pages necessarily be accepted by the majority. What perplexes us most is how do we create a law that will keep the delicate balance between right and wrong? According to Richard Goldstein, in his writing "Hate Speech, Free Speech and the Unspoken", he represents his perspective on the debate of banning hate speech. There are certain criteria that must be used in determining the imposing threat of "fighting speech". Some situations may require a certain

Love in Plato's Symposium Essay

1236 words - 5 pages example is from the speech of Phaedrus from "Symposium." He says that when you see your lover do something shameful or you do something shameful in front of your lover, that is the worst feeling that you can have. For this statement to be something that an educated person would think it has to include value, meaning, importance and weight. This would not fall under any of those criteria. If you feel shameful, at anytime, around your lover then that

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1078 words - 4 pages using the research paper rubric criteria included below. Determine the level of achievement appropriate for each assignment criteria. (Levels of achievement range from 1 (Unsatisfactory) to 5 (Excellent), and are listed in italics across the top. Assignment criteria are found in bold on the left.)Assignment Criterion: Content Knowledge and Comprehension Criteria 1: Unsatisfactory 2: Less Than Satisfactory 3: Satisfactory 4: Good 5

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2056 words - 8 pages have the capacity for speech and act from knowledge. His justifications that machines do not meet these two criteria are sound; however, he fails to verify that animals do the same. Descartes’ argument that humans have an infinite capacity to make appropriate responses is true as well as his implication that this capacity is non-material. Descartes’ first argument is only humans have the capacity for speech. In the opening of Discourse on Method


1547 words - 6 pages methods a speaker can use in a speech introduction to gain the audiences attention are: Relate the topic to the Audience, State the Importance of your Topic Startle the Audience, Arouse the Curiosity of the Audience, Question the Audience and Begin with a Quotation. (Lucas 215-219) 14. The criteria for an effective speech title is on that is brief, attracts the attention of audience and encapsulates the main thrust of the speech. ( Lucas 242) 15

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1766 words - 7 pages selective mutism or social phobia. Dow, Freeman, Garcia, Leonard, and Miller (2004) state that out of patients with selective mutism, “70 percent had a first degree relative with a social phobia or avoidant disorder and 37 percent had a first degree relative with selective mutism” (p. 286). The APA classifies selective mutism under DSM-IV. A child’s behavior must meet these criteria for diagnosis of selective mutism: A consistent failure to

Should Racist Speech Enjoy Protection under the First Amendment?

1517 words - 6 pages Michigan University, for example, had instituted a discriminatory harassment policy, only to have it shot down by the Supreme Court in 1995 on grounds that the policy "necessarily requires [the] university to assess racial or ethnic content of speech." Since Central Michigan University is a State school, the First Amendment prohibits it from enacting regulations that would limit an individual's right to free speech unless the regulations

Analytical argument: What deserves to belong in The American Bible?

1466 words - 6 pages follows all the criteria Prothero used to select the works in his anthology. Prothero’s Criteria Prothero’s criteria for his collection of novels and speeches can be classified as choosing controversial, historic, famous and hopeful writings that define America. Prothero mentions in his introduction how he aims only to include books and speeches that have the ability “to generate controversy and conversation”(7). Prothero aims to include works

The Limits of Freedom of Expression

3227 words - 13 pages did not limit the advocating of opinions but necessitates the restriction with the content of the opinion, the intentions, manner of the speaker and the circumstances. The exception of advocacy is the limit of his theory for some of them can also constitute to offence due to certain circumstances (Almagor, 1993:455-456). Justice Holmes (1919) enriched Mill’s theory by empathizing that in certain circumstances, when speech is so close to be as

Freedom of Press in Cuba

614 words - 3 pages media are able to function independently of the authorities". There is no media independence in Cuba at all. Everything what is digital is controlled by government. The laws for media are very strict and the population is not happy about it. The government should definitely give more freedom for people in both media and political pluralism. Other two criteria are Transparency and Legislative framework. In the World Press Freedom article

Rhetorical Analysis: “I have a Dream”

880 words - 4 pages King’s “I have a dream” speech was delivered on August 28, 1963. He speaks against injustice towards the African Americans in America. He argues against the unfair treatment being given to the Negro community. Thousands of black and white Americans were present at the Lincoln Memorial where he delivered the great speech. King’s focus was on equality and non-discrimination in the nation. King stood as a mentor for the African Americans and

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999 words - 4 pages ) and demonstrated impairment in the following areas: phonological planning, phonetic program assembly, and motor execution levels pertaining to speech production. Additional inclusion criteria included a below average standardized score meeting the researchers criteria on specified assessment batteries. A personal narrative language sampling was also used to informally evaluate each child’s prosody and articulation during connected speech

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1209 words - 5 pages life easier for every day people. Many companies are switching their phone systems to be powered by speech recognition. Instead of being forced to traverse through countless menu options a user can say what they are looking for and then be given a list of choices which match the criteria they stated to the system. This is an example of how the technology has infiltrated our society without a majority of the public even realizing what is going on

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2090 words - 8 pages development occurs when they begin to use language not only for communication with others but also as a tool to direct their own thoughts and behaviors. Therefore meaning private speech is a precursor to inner speech, as a child develops, inner speech also develops and the child will become able to use symbolic thought. Any utterance that does not meet any of these criteria for social speech is classified as private speech. Utterance refers to a

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778 words - 4 pages INTRODUCTION In Thailand, the importance of water as a vital resource for all aspects of life has always been respected. His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej, during a speech delivered at the Chitralada Villa on March 17, 1986, advised: “It is very important for us to have water to drink and use as a result of life is here. If there’s water, We can survive. If there’s no electricity, we have a tendency to can also survive. However, if there’s