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Criterias Used To Define Homosexuality Essay

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Those Lovers

Today I prepare a topic for you –Homosexual.

In this age,we can see more and more same-gender lovers in the streets and it won’t be uncommon any more.Lot’s of people regard them as unnormal individuals but I don’t agree with them.And today I’d like to show you something about Homosexual.

How do you define homosexuality?
Although it would appear to be simple, on closer examination defining homosexuality is more complex. Young people writing to magazine problem pages seem to define homosexuality using three criteria:

1. having sexual feelings towards other people of the same sex
2. sexual behaviour with people of the same sex
3. and ...view middle of the document...

However, in the late fifties and sixties it came into everyday use in association with the struggle for gay rights. In this context the word 'gay' came to represent, as it does now, a word with no negative connotations but associated with a positive and proud sense of identity. Nowadays, the term 'lesbian' is used in relation to homosexual women and is derived from Lesbos, the name of the Greek island on which the lesbian poet Sappho lived in antiquity. In the past homosexual women have been called 'Sapphist' (again after Sappho).'Straight' is used to describe heterosexual people and is an equivalent term to 'gay'.

Different Attitudes Toward Homosexuality

Some religions strongly reject homosexuality,such as Islam, Judaism and Christianity.Expecialy in islamic countries,the laws banned it seriously even to punish them with kinds of heavy penalties like capital punishment. It is inhuman to strike at those people who are fighting for their right to love and to be loved.To our geat relief,there are some countries beginning to accept homosexuality.
Netherlands is the first one that allow same-gender couples to marry and adopt children.In 2011-07-24, in New York City alone, 800 couples were...

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