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This critical analysis I will be evaluating my chosen organization that I have experienced at the restaurant “X” and discuss how the motivation perspectives are affected within my work experience. Additionally, I will deliberate how those concepts relate to the issues and how they influenced/ motivated me to succeed. In the following paragraphs, I will describe two team concepts: team characteristics and process and managing team conflict or team effectiveness the two stages of this teamwork and how this would impact my contribution as a team member at the restaurant. Last two paragraphs would be the conclusion and recommendations.

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Motivation refers to the forces either within or external to a person that arose enthusiasm and persistence to pursue a certain course of action (Porter & Steers, 1983; Hellriegel et al., 1995; Gray & Starke, 1988). This concept of motivation helped Kay to be more productive and gain more confidence. Since my performance on the front floor at X had a positive mental state considering that this helped me to over come my distress in to creating mistakes with the orders. With the help of my manager he made give my best performance.
When I first started at X, I actually did not want to work on the front floor since I was too shy to interact with the customers. My supervisor saw this and he said to Kay that it’s a great opportunity to gain confidences to build her self-esteem. He explained to Kay that she was happened to be the right individual for this position at the moment, in which he put me out of my comfort zone and put me on the counter with two other experienced staff members. As the responsibilities of handling money, taking orders correctly and interacting with customers was a frightening experience for me personally.
Positive reinforcement is the administration of a pleasant and rewarding consequence following desired behaviors (Samson, Catley, Cathro, Daft 2012). The issue is connected to positive reinforcement, in which the manager had instantly applauded Kay for having the determination to work on the front floor and seeing the ability inside of me. The pleasant consequence will increase the likelihood of Kay working at the front counter and the exceptional work behaviour happening yet again. Though the responsibilities of a food counter attendant seemed straightforward, I felt that an assistant involved excellent communication skills. Generally, I had no confidence at all; so my manager decided we would play, sing star, with our whole staff members and we would receive monetary awards for example fuel vouchers.

Job enrichment refers a job design that incorporates achievement recognition and other high-level motivators into the work (Samson, Catley, Cathro, Daft 2012). This concept of job enrichment increases the amount of responsibilities in a job and provides Kay with authority and control over her work at X.


A team is a unit of two or more people who interact and coordinate their work to accomplish a specific goal (Larson & LaFasto, 1989). Teamwork played a significant part at X since the manager had established the teams, so that all the duties were accomplished efficiency and rapidly for a fast food restaurant. I was given the task that was too much for me, the team work pace ensured that the task will be finished effienctly and accurately. This permitted X to take on more orders and generate more labour productivity and revenue without needing each staff, slowing the pace down. This develops supportive, efficient teams from various sections work together. Every single crew is...

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