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Critical Analysis Essay

“The secret to humor is surprise-Aristotle.” The two stories I'm going to talk about “The Weather of New England” by Mark Twain and “The Dog That Bit People” by James Thurber are both strange humorous essay with a twist. Both stories have a central conflict, in “The Dog That Bit People” a family is burden with a dog that bites everyone, including the narrator. “The Weather of New England” talks about the weather of the new colonies and how spontaneous they were and the different forms they came in. Both humorous authors use style, ...view middle of the document...

" That's another example of hyperbole because he exaggerates the amount of mice that were in the house that month. As I stated before that James Thurber uses understatements to show his style too. Example when he said "There was a slight advantage in being one of the family, for he didn't bite the family as often as he bit strangers." That's a examples of an understatement because he's understating the actions of the dog. James Thurber shows his style again when he uses the word "choleric" in the sentence "A big, burly, choleric dog, he always acted as if he thought I wasn't one of the family." James Thurber is exaggerating the type of dog Mugg is saying he's prone to a quick temper and inclined to anger. While both authors use style to get their story across both use hyperbole while James Thurber uses understatements.

James Thurber uses tone in "The Dog That Bit People". His tone can be described as remorseful. The story is described as a dog who caused problems on a family for a long time. But at the end of the story the family missed the dog and were sad that he was gone. James Thurber uses an example of tone when he says "Mother wanted to bury him in the family lot under a marble stone with some such inscription as "Flight of angels sing thee to thy rest" but we persuaded her it was against the law." The mother was remorseful because she was annoyed by the dog but she still cherished him and he was apart of the family or she wouldn't have suggested that he should be buried in the family lot. Another example is when he says "In the end we just put up a smooth board above his grave along a lonely road. On the board I wrote with an indelible pencil "Cave Canem." This is another example of his tone because although he and the dog fought he also cared about him to and he's showing remorse and grieve because he wouldn't have wrote "Cave Canem" if he didn't cared about the dog and showing that he was dangerous that's the type of dog he was on the board. Mark Twain uses tone in "The Weather of New England". His tone can be described as sarcastic. The story is basically the weather of the northeastern United States and how its unexpected. An example of his tone is "There is sumptuous variety about the New England weather that compels the stranger's admiration ­­-- and regret ." Mark Twain just said that there was a splendid variety about the weather. He's being sarcastic because he hates the multiple varieties and the fact its so unexpected. Another example is when he says "The People of New England are by nature patient and forbearing but there are some things which they will not stand, every year they kill a lot of poets for writing about 'Beautiful Springs'. " Mark Twain is using sarcasm because the people of New England can't be patient , forbearing and killers all at once. Although both authors use tone they have...

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