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Critical Analysis For Theories Of International Relations

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The social, economic and political conditions allow people to have opportunities that will eventually lead to the realization of one's best self. In other words, it means liberation from all forms of oppression and iniquities that arise from social, economic and political inequality not just among the people but more so between countries and continents. However, such kind of idealism is somewhat been fading away because of the chaos and the dispute that is going on between the different and diversified countries in the whole world. In the present situation that is happening in the whole world today, anarchy and chaos prevail. It is as if saying that there is no rule of law that is being observed. If the world will be criticized today, it is difficult to say that one nation could actually be more independent when it is being surrounded with nations that are trying to destroy the blessings of independence, democracy in its own sense and the freedom of the people. As slowly as it can get, most of the nations are now deteriorating due to the war that is in existence against the strongest state and country that is known to possess super power.
Critical theory is being defined as the manner in which the society is being criticized as well as the literature that is attached to it. By this, it means that the concept of critical theory draw information and knowledge from different aspects and factors such as the disciplines concerning humanities and even so-called social sciences. Apparently, it can be seen that the history of critical theory can be rooted to the foundations set forth by Marx. It can be seen that there are different concepts that are attached to the principle of critical theory relative of the international relations. Basically speaking, the concept of critical theory as applied in the field of international relations speaks of the criticism made in line with the status quo attached to the ideals of Marx. It is a known fact that before the emergence of the principle of critical theory, the societies are being distributed according to the wealth an individual has. Critical theory is one of the most talked about political concept nowadays and that which is being debated upon in the olden times. When political scientists speak of critical theory, the first thing that comes to the mind of the people is the process of political transition to democracy or a political government that pushes through and supports democracy.
It can be remembered that during the early years of pushing critical theory into its way to political stability, many things have been considered such as the inclusion of women in the process of suffrage and even the eradication of slavery among the people especially those that are considered members of the black skin society. There have been many attempts made in the past to pursue critical theory as one of the most debated concepts in the society and to create a wide and national...

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