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Critical Analysis Of A Published Article

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The main point of this article is facts about arranged marriage. This article has addressed to the audience of British society apart to British Asians. Because the writer, intended to present them the real meaning, about the arranged marriages and how it works. In addition, it gives a clear method to the part of British people who an arranged marriage is different from their viewpoints. The writer gave this article an obvious title, which clearly sends out what he has proposed to say to those against arranged marriages.
This is the title: Sardar, Ziauddin. (2008) “Life & Style 2008” The First Person-Family, [online] Available From: [Accessed 13 Sep 2008]: 1) - Arranged marriages fascinate in the UK like watching horror films. Don’t scoff writer says to the British society, could learn a lot from the Asian experience). This is a very serious message, which can easily keep up the reader’s concentration.

That is why I have chosen this article. Because it is a very interesting article and it has many, truthful stories which all based to arrange marriages. The other interested point that I preferred this article is how the author clarified the meaning of the arranged marriage and forced marriage. This could give extra interest to this article and may augment the reader's understanding again and again.
The writer started his article by saying that he has been always married. Has there any person been married all his life? The answer is no but the writer is trying to explain how his marriage was and the type of marriage it was. For example, the writer said that he never met his partner before his marriage or they met a little time without being alone. All these he may present, all arranged marriage arguments are not bad, as some people thought, because his marriage has been successful and still he lives with his partner. This winning marriage, organized before even writer come to this planet. In addition, this is proving to the writer’s standpoint, as well as a clear message to those people traumatized in the arranged marriage.
The article deems how a subjective British Asian for an arranged marriage is” In my point of view, first British Asian people are largest community who lives in Britain. Moreover, they had used an arranged marriages more than any other communities had so that the writer wants to illustrate other British people, the ways that Asian people have arranged to their arranged marriages.
For instance, the writer has mentioned about the partition between tribal customs and Asian traditions. As, too clarifies the arranged marriage is an unlike than forcing marriage and not usually as destructive as others may think. Instead, he raises the British Asian tribal customs still alive in the United Kingdom. This is also writer desires to tell an opponent of arranged marriages are still required more learning to this tradition as it lives among them. The author raises his article all negative sequences like...

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