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Critical Analysis Of Mc Closkey’s Arguement In "On Being An Athiest"

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In this response, the author would like to state he is a Christian and finds the chapter to be very difficult to read. The chapter, “On Being an Atheist”, can be very convincing if the reader is not strong in their beliefs. Being a new Christian for over a year, the author of this response wants to make a statement that the spiritual warfare Christians believe in, has taken place this week. Atheist believes in no God. Therefore, they would not believe such spiritual warfare exists.

The author of this response would like to state that the arguments could not be proofs. Nothing can be 100% proven. To state something is a proof when it does not prove anything but cause arguments, is a fallacy. McCloskey believes the arguments individually cannot make a case for God. In lesson 18, the cumulative case was presented. The Cumulative case takes the Cosmological, Teleological, and Moral Arguments and puts them altogether. The Cosmological case makes claim for a creator. The Teleological case is the intelligent and the Moral case is the personal and morally prefect. Altogether, this makes the Cumulative case state; a personal, moral, intelligent creator of the universe is the best explanation for the universe we experience. The second half comes from the Best Explanation Approach. It states, the existence of God is the best explanation for the effects we observe in the universe. This also comes from lesson 18.

McCloskey’s claim, that the “mere existence of the world constitutes no reason for believing in such a being.” It is this author’s opinion; God could not exist because of the existence of the world. The cause of the universe must be necessary. “Many versions of the cosmological argument do, of course, begin by claiming that the universe as a whole is contingent and requires a cause” (Evans 1982, 54). Premise 1 says that some contingent beings exist and premise 2 says if any contingent being exists, then a necessary being must exist, concluding that there is a necessary being. This author sees this as everything in existence has a creator. Nothing could just appear on its own. Therefore, there has to be a cause. Biblically the Christian believes that God is the Creator. For in Genesis 1:1 it says, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” ( NASB n.d.). The author of Genesis clearly states there is a cause for all existence and that the cause is God.

McCloskey claims that the cosmological argument “does not entitle us to postulate an all-powerful, all-prefect, uncaused cause.” The argument does not state there is a God, but it makes a claim that something caused everything to come into existence. The view of a theist is that there is a God and this argument gives “key elements of the theistic conception of God” (1982, 59). With the conclusion of this argument, many views of God can be determined. “If someone accepts the conclusion, the proper attitude for him to adopt...

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