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Analysis of the main characters found in Pride and Prejudice:
Fitzwilliam Darcy:
the reader’s perception of Mr. Darcy’s transforms from maliciousto benevolent. It is clear from the onset, however, that he is only interested in the very woman who despises him most, Elizabeth Bennet. Nephew of Lady Catherine de Bourgh, Mr. Darcy’s rank in society is just below that of nobility.
Mr. Darcy praises and holds dear many things in his life.
List of Characters and Relationships in Pride and Prejudice:
Mr. Bennet is a reasonably sensible man. He is father to the five Bennet girls. Although a seemingly aloof father figure at times, his deep love for his daughters and his desire for their happiness is purely evident. Mr. Bennet is a country gentleman whose estate, Longbourn, barely provides financially for the Bennet family.
Mrs. Bennet is the melodramatic mother of the Bennet girls. Her primary concern is for each to marry well (and without delay), ensuring her own financial comfort.
Jane is the eldest of the Bennet sisters, as well as the most beautiful. She is intelligent and desires to marry for love, which is evident in her marriage with Mr. Bingley. Jane shares an especially intimate bond with her sister Elizabeth.
Elizabeth is the second oldest of the Bennet sisters. She is beautiful, proud, outspoken, and quick-witted. Like her sister Jane, Elizabeth too desires above all to marry for love, which is proven when she refuses Mr. Collin’s proposal and fortune, to her mother’s utter dismay. Later, she is briefly charmed by George Wickham until she discovers his true character. It will take the rejection of her initial judgments and obstinance for Elizabeth to find her true love, Mr. Darcy.
Mary is the middle and least beautiful of the Bennet girls. She lacks social skills, and dedicates most of her time in efforts to become an “accomplished” woman through extensive reading and piano practice. Unfortunately for Mary, she does not have “natural taste” to display her accomplishments to her advantage.
Kitty is the second to youngest sister. Giddy and foolish, she is inseparable from her younger sister, Lydia. Elizabeth explains that Kitty “will follow wherever Lydia leads.”
Lydia,the youngest Bennet sister and spoiled as her mother’s favorite, is ditsy, self-absorbed and desirous of attention, above all from military men. Lydia is incapable of considering the future and how her actions might affect others. She impulsively runs away with Wickham, unconcerned with the disgrace she bestows upon her family. Thankfully, Mr. Darcy intervenes to rebuilt the Bennet family reputation and urges Wickham to make Lydia an honorable woman.
Mrs. Phillips is the kind-hearted, yet silly sister of Mrs. Bennet.
Mr. and Mrs. Gardiner aunt and uncle to the girls (Mr. Gardiner being Mrs. Bennet’s brother) are intelligent, fashionable, and worldly. The Gardiners invite Elizabeth to accompany them on vacation. While vacationing, Elizabeth encounters Mr. Darcy. Realizing the...

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