Critical Analysis Of Peter Knight's Arguement On Secret Societies

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Peter Knight is a senior lecturer in literature for the University of Manchester. Before his employment at Manchester he was a Postdoctoral Fellow at Nottingham University, as well as a Fulbright visiting fellow at the New York University, a study abroad fellow at Harvard. Dr. Knight has authored two books; “The Kennedy Assassination” and “Conspiracy Conspiracy Culture – American Paranoia from the Kennedy Assassination”. He has also edited, contributed to multiple books and journal articles. In his article “Trained as Traitors, Liars and Slavemasters!” that he authored for the “Freedom Networker he presents an argument that member of secret societies are all part of a plan to create a “New ...view middle of the document...

(The Toulmin Model of Argumentation.) Dr. Knight claim is a claim of policy so he is asserting that members of secret societies should not be elected to political offices or have positions of power such as law enforcement. Knight claims that all secret societies are working towards the same end, to have a “New World Order”. He claims that there are over one million among us who are trained to be traitors to freedom, going as far as to call them “New World Slavemasters”. He alleges that these secret societies are already in control of America with the Freemasons being the largest group who impacts every citizen’s lives today. Knight asserts that Freemasonry is a giant conspiracy against all citizens that are trained by their super rich British and American masters to fabricate lies in order to achieve their secret agendas. (Knight).
Toulmins Theory sates that you must have data or grounds as one of the six parts in order to be able to make an accurate argument. (The Toulmin Model of Argumentation.). Knight did not present sufficient verifiable data to support his claims. Instead he leans more towards using grounds because it is the most general type of data and includes reason and logic. He alleges that ever since the illuminati were in existence that the Freemasons have believed in a “New World Order” but he does not present any data to back this up. Knight also claims that members of secret societies hold political roles ranging from county to National, and that they are also involved with everything from Law enforcement to Banking, to placing members on both the democratic and republican parties during elections as to not ever truly lose. (Knight). Unfortunately again he made these claims without presenting any valid data and only what he believes is grounds for him to make his argument.
A Warrant in the Toulmins Model of Argumentation is the reason why the reader should support the claim that is being made. An arguments warrant is the chain of reasoning that connects the grounds or data to the claim being made. (The Toulmin Model of Argumentation.). The warrant in Knights article are implied because he does not have sufficient data to back them up. Instead he is speaking more on assumption because he does not offer in...

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