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Critical Analysis Of Sap Systems Adoption In Business Organizations

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SAP, an acronym for Systems Applications Products is an audit of a computer system from SAP that is meant to make operations around the business environment easy and to wide depths. The relationship between the business and client environment is recently becoming wider and the incorporation of a single unit of management considered the remedy to congestion and delays (Carmel, E. 1997).
Throughout the project, the credibility, efficiency, flexibility and suitability of SAP will be discussed critically by evaluating the real-time applications of SAP to fitting the ever expanding world of business and the extent to which it has challenged the minds of software developers and users (Carmel, E. 1997).

Systems Applications Products audit was originally developed to provide customers with an ability to socialize and interact with a common database for complex and comprehensive range of applications. The applications have been assembled from the original idea of SAP to fit the modern world hence most of the largest companies such as Microsoft use SAP products in their business (A & Temponi, C, 2010).
SAP comprises of several modules such as marketing and sales, product design and development, human resources, finance and accounting, utilities for marketing and sales and production and inventory control. Having all these modules combined in one software of which to some extent can be modified to fit the business targets, SAP ERP software collects, combines, analyses and generates data from the separate entities as one collective report that can easily be read and understood. The single generated report enables organizations or companies to have definite planning and overall scheduling of tasks.
SAP as a software that can be altered to suit different businesses, requires a system of order in that duties are well defined to avoid crashing of modules and programs as well as ensuring that data coming into the SAP is clearly mapped to ensure high levels of integrity. Due to high usage of software related programs in running of businesses, the use of SAP requires high levels of control to ascertain the reconciliation with external environment as well as controlling the flow of information to avoid bursting the sensitive accounts that might lead to breakdown of the whole system (Ades, A. F., & Glaeser, E. L., 1995).
Companies or organizations using SAP require that they have the development system, the test system and the production system. This forms a definite data flow to ensure that in collaboration of the modules, the expected goal is achieved within a short time. Other ERP systems in the commercial industry include the Oracle and PeopleSoft.

SAP combines several well integrated modules such SAP-FI, MM, PP, SD and others at once and relatively generating a single...

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