Critical Analysis Of Two Articles That Attempt To Attribute To Certain Human Behaviors Psychology Of Social Behavior Assignment

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#1). Table 1 depicts certain behaviors or attributes that have historically been either male or female dominated. While it is stated that this table was put together in 1974, I feel that to an extent they are still applicable today. Although we have made great strides in gender equality, some might argue you cannot go against genetics. Historically, women have been more tender and affectionate due to being the caretaker in the family; while the man was the bread-winner and disciplinarian, needing to be more competitive and aggressive. I would say that while our society has started to leave room for the women to be the bread winner and disciplinarian causing them to be more aggressive at times, society still holds women to the standard of being the more nurturing and caring of the two genders. While some may see this as controversial, I feel that it still holds truth. While a mother may have a full-time job and go to school, her main priority is still her children and she is still a tender and affection person – often caring for more than just her family. I feel that the change comes in with women who may not yet be married or have children. It could be that while men still are the more...

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