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It is estimated by the Canadian Health Coalition that 5200 more doctors are needed in Canada; however there are several doctors that have come from other countries that cannot find a job. The video I’m choosing to do my critical response on, “Doctors Without Residency,” is a short documentary that gives insight on the problems immigrants new to Canada, specifically Quebec, with medical experience have finding residency. The film explores the idea of possible discrimination in the hiring sector of the medical field, as well as examining possible solutions to fix this problem. Further, it explores the possible reasons that his problem exists, such as “clinical and technical skills, as well as ...view middle of the document...

They are coming from large universities that have “technical support from Western universities” (Bellange, 2010). Doctors are the ultimate semioticians, and I feel that most, not all, as I do not want to generalize after just criticising Robert for doing so, would be competent enough to make the transition to understanding these “first world” diseases. To think they would not or are incapable of doing so really sells them short. Suppose a first world and third world doctor were to do a swap, whose transition would be harder? To look at in a different light, suppose a person was to drive an old model manual transmission car, with no power steering or windows and then switch to the newest top of the line model, which car would be easier to drive?
Dr. Comlan Amouzou brings up what I think is a very good point when he says “there are a lot of over worked doctors… a foreign doctor can help, can be an assistant… That’s a way to become part of a medical team, to learn... the institutional culture” (Bellange, 2010). It seems that giving personalized or one-on-one training to doctors new to the country is a good idea, but not practical, so wouldn’t this be the next best thing? Couldn’t the doctor who was being shadowed give input on how the new doctor is doing? At the very least, it can’t hurt. I see no reason why this idea would not be implemented, even on a trial basis in one or two hospitals. This would help with the cultural differences that Hebert speaks of. These doctors can pass medical exams, and it seems, for lack of a better word, silly to have longer wait times and over worked doctors because of cultural and communication issues.
Finally, while the issue of discrimination was discussed, I feel that the topic wasn’t represented as well as it could have been in the film. I found that the film focused more on the other reasons they were not getting jobs, and the impact it was having on that group, rather than dig deep into any possible discrimination that was occurring. The film didn’t interview anyone that was rejected personally, and so it’s hard to make such a serious claim without giving a face to the group. Is it possible that the people who were being “discriminated” against couldn’t speak French fluently, and thus wouldn’t fit in with the model of the film?...

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