Critical Analysis:" Winning Hearts And Minds In War On Plagiarism"

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"Winning Hearts and Minds in War on Plagiarism" written by Scott Jaschik opens with the this statement, "It's come down to this: Writing professors are so desperate for new ways to teach undergraduates about academic integrity that they are assigning them to plagiarize "(Jaschik 92). Jaschik's essay begins with the experience of first year writing professor Kate Hagopian. In hopes of teaching the students a lesson which would have lasting results, Professor Hagopian asks her classes to deliberately plagiarize an assignment. In the essay, Jaschick discusses Hagopian's method as wells as other methods to control plagiarism. The information for the essay is gathered while Jaschik attends a meeting of the Conference of College Composition and Communication. Various seminars are given discussing methods to combat plagiarism, the different types of plagiarism and the ways in which to deter its use through further instruction or punishment. The input of the students and their reactions to plagiarism both deliberate and unintentional are included in the essay. " Winning Hearts and Minds in War on Plagiarism" is written in the theme element. Plagiarism is the subject of this essay. However, the message in the theme is plagiarism in college is a complex problem with various causes. The ultimate solution lies in educating the writer rather than simply punishing them.
Scott Jaschik captured the varying feelings of several college professors. Those professors teaching first year students were especially aware of the challenges they faced in the battle with plagiarism. Some educators said they felt "betrayed" by students that turned in writing that was copied from another source (Jaschik 92). Most professors felt using software programs for detection as well as a scare tactic was ineffective saying, "if the software really detected all plagiarism, plenty of campuses would be unable to hold classes, what with all of the sessions needed for academic integrity boards" (92). Many thought that seeing this issue from a student's point of view might help give them insight into the best way to correct plagiarism in the classroom.
On a discussion board, monitored by Roy Stamper associate director of writing at N.C. State University, many students seem to have varying opinions on the subject of plagiarism. The scope of opinions ranged from, I don't have enough time and if I get caught what is the big deal, to it is flat out wrong . One student used the excuse of time as a reason for his actions complaining, "he was completely...

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