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Critical And Creative Thinking Essay

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Critical and Creative thinking in societyPHL 458




Critical and Creative thinking in societyCritical and Creative thinking is an essential skill to have when tackling problems, and making educated decisions in public situations. A problem or decision must be looked at from many different angles, you have to weigh others opinions, your knowledge of the subject, and research of the facts from reputable sources. ...view middle of the document...

A public situation that demands critical thinking is a matter that we are all facing this week, which is who do we vote for, and what is the best political party to be running our country. For many this is a simple question, I'm a Democrat or I'm a diehard Republican, and this is the way it will always be regardless of the facts. This is not a good way to guide our decision making process, one must cut through the stereo types false advertisements that we are inundated with on a Dailey bases, and make an honest educated decision based on the facts, and issues at hand, not feelings or emotions, and upbringing (this is what my parents always did).In conclusion in order to be a good critically thinker, and make wise educated decisions, one has to be able to leave there ego at the door, and be honest with themselves. One has to recognize and overcome the hindrances to critical thinking, stereo typing, biases, saving face, conformity, group speak, resistance to change, and the mine is better habit. (Ruggiero, 2012) If these can be recognized and mitigated, a much better decision will be made for all.ReferenceRuggiero, V. R. (2012). The Art of Thinking (10th ed.). United States, CA: Pearsons.

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