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Critical Appreciation Of Robert Browning Poems

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Critical Appreciation of Robert Browning Poems

Robert Browning was one of the great poets of the Victorian age. He
was on born 7th May 1812 in Camberwell and he died on the 2nd December
1889. Robert Browning got secretly married to Elizabeth Barrett in
1846 and went on to live in Italy.

Browning became an admirer of Elizabeth's Barrett’s poetry in 1844. He
began corresponding with her by letter. This was the start of one of
the world's most famous romances. Their courtship lasted until 1846
when they were married. The couple moved to Italy that same year.

Robert Browning did not become recognized as a poet, until after
Elizabeth's death in 1861. After which, he was honoured for the rest
of his life as a literary figure. Although Robert Browning wrote in
many poetic forms, his most successful was the dramatic monologue. In
his monologues, he spoke in the voice of an imaginary or historical
character. Most of his monologues portray people at dramatic moments
in their lives.

In the Victorian age, love marriages were very rare. The daughters had
to obey their parents. If a couple were madly in love they had to
resort to eloping

A monologue is defined as a poem in which a single character is
speaking to a person(s) – usually about an important topic. The
purpose of the most dramatic monologues is to provide the reader with
and overall intimate view of the characters personality. A great poet
can use punctuation and rhyme to make the poem appear as if it was an
actual conversation.

One of Robert Browning’s best piece of work was published in 1842. It
was called ‘My Last Duchess’. My Last Duchess is portrayed as a
jealous arrogant man who is very controlling over his wife. The Duke
was made jealous by everything that his wife did.

The Duke was a Renaissance nobleman. He was only concerned with
material things, wealth and power (Has a portrait of his wife). The
Duke is a very possessive man. The Duke only wanted to keep his wife
to himself and use her like a fashion accessory. He did want his wife
to see anyone but she had a mind of her own and liked other peoples
company. Having her as a portrait means that he can let whoever he
wants to look at her. This way he feels he has more command over her

The poem is about a Count that wants to get his daughter married off
to the Duke. The count knows exactly what the Duke is like. The count
sent a social inferior; in this case we learn at the end it is the
representative of the count.

The Duke is showing the representative of the count a portrait of his
last wife that was painted by Fra Pandolf. He was really proud of
this. The painting is covered by a curtain, which no one is allowed to
open except the Duke:

“But to myself they turned (since none puts by the curtain I have
drawn for you, but I”


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