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Critical Discourse Analysis Of The Movie Love Actually

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Critical Discourse Analysis of the Movie Love ActuallyLove Actually is All Around…Leon KoshcheyevEnglish 2010Professor O. PimentelLove Actually is the ultimate romantic comedy written and directed by Richard Curtis. This film consist of dozens of different love stories that like a quilt are weaved together to make one story about love. It is about love in its many forms: love between family members, love between husbands and wives, innocent love, undeclared love, and romantic love. The cast has mostly British actors with famous people like Hugh Grant, Colin Firth, Emma Thompson, Kiera Knightley, Alan Rickman, Billy Nighy, Liam Neeson, and Rowan Atkinson. This wonderful movie, with its talented cast, has many great things about it, but like all things, it can be analyzed and criticized deeply. The most important aspect of critical discourse analysis is that we must not accept things just as they are, but consider issues of race, ethnicity, gender, social class status, sexuality preference, religions aspects, and language. Using Huckin's article "Critical Discourse Analysis" and Giroux's article "Politics and Innocence in the Wonderful World of Disney" as guidance I will apply their main concepts to Love Actually to really review and analyze the film.Before discussing the film, the Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA) theory must be explained. First, critical means a careful evaluation and judgment - "a critical reading." Secondly, discourse is the extended verbal expression in speech, writing, and visuals that in some cases cannot be seen which is purposely done. Third, analysis is an investigation of the component parts of a whole and their relations in making up the whole. All three concepts together create CDA which helps us to be critical by looking at things through a critical lens. Referring to Huckin, in Critical Discourse Analysis societal issues like race, social economic status, sexuality preference, etc. may be considered. Also, Huckin writes that CDA, "…Tries to unite at least three different levels of analysis: the text, the discursive practice… and the larger societal context…"(2) In other words CDA may be applied to all aspects of discourse which includes but is not limited to articles, films, pictures, society, work, friends, etc. In this situation I will apply CDA to the film Love Actually where the article by Giroux is very helpful. Giroux, in his article is concerned more about things like cultural practices, "social gravity", national identity, image of innocence, etc. For example, he says, "By focusing on cultural resistance as a form of political resistance, [theorists] have given theoretical impetus to a new politics of culture that has redefined the range of cultural texts available for critical inquiry while simultaneously making popular culture a serious object of social criticism and analysis"(3). So, Giroux says that by analyzing popular culture - in this case it is a movie - people might find...

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