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Critical Discourse Analysis: Oppression Of The Women In The Islamic World

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The idea of critical discourse analysis is very important, especially in the area of peace studies. It is really necessary to consider all the possibilities when we are trying to evaluate, for instance, certain speech, article or photography. Our main objective is to find as many visible and latent meanings as possible to reach the best way of understanding.
By what is the Critical Discourse represented?
Critical discourse analysis appeals to the significance of language. Language serves as a tool to see, perceive and build reality. However, for a full understanding, language itself is not enough. The background and other circumstances connected with it are important as well. “So language-in-use is a tool, used alongside other tools, to design or build things”. For instance, the way we use language, which gender we are, what class we belong to or which race we are, all of these aspects are interconnected and they help to build our perception of reality, thus the way of our understanding. “We are all designers-artist, in a sense-in this respect. Our medium is language”. Other tools would not make sense though, without language. And if, for example, language is affiliated to certain culture and helps to create a culture and certain way of life, what is going to happen then, with the cultures, if the world becomes more globalised and, for instance, English is becoming to be universal language? People are going to less developed countries to teach natives English and they build English schools there, as well. It causes that children even forget or do not know their own language. It means they probably do not know all about their culture, as well.
Language serves as one of the tools for our discourse, however, what do we mean by the discourse? “For many, particularly linguists, “discourse” has generally been defined as anything “beyond the sentence” Thus, the discourse is not just about language, but also about the context. The analysis is not only about of what has been written. It is about the latent meanings, as well. “Absences can be as productive as explicit naming; invisibility can have just as powerful effects as visibility.” That means, the Critical discourse analysis is not just reading of the text and making conclusion afterwards. However it is about trying to find deeper thoughts and the hidden meanings, usually explaining themselves according to certain context.
Which problems do usually appear while analysing?
Firstly, we can talk about the oppression of women in Islamic world which is highly discussed topic and which also brings the appearance of a first problem. It is the problem of affection, and thus, the problem to see the photography clearly without any bias. When people have certain bias, it is even more important to do analysis deeper and in the right way. Secondly, and quite similarly to first problem, is there a problem of knowledge. On one hand, knowledge can help you to elaborate your analysis more because...

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