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World War II had an extensive impact of the United States. In spite of all the battles being fought off America mainland, the war affected all aspects of American life back home. World War II may be known as the worst war in history, but a lot of good came out of it. If it was not for World War II many economic changes, social changes, and political changes may have never happened.
Prior to WWII the economy was in bad shape. The U.S. was in a depression. Unemployment was at twenty five percent nationally, numerous banks and businesses had failed, and gross domestic product fell. The war brought jobs like building tanks and ships. Everyone had a job. Female employment dramatically ...view middle of the document...

These privileges gave women a sense of pride and their first taste of full independence.
African Americans also benefited from World War II. Just like women they were discriminated against in the work place. At the beginning of the war a great majority of African Americans were unemployed and the ones that held a job were unskilled. This gave African Americans the chance to prove they worked just like any white man. In the military African Americans could not enlist or they were segregated, they even had their own blood supply. African Americans started taking a stand for their rights. The NAACP grew to 450,000 members. Some people started non-violent protests like sit-ins while some African American activists lead a “Double V” campaign in which they demanded fair housing and equal employment opportunities, these approaches laid the foundation for postwar civil rights movement. For groups discriminated on in the past, the war provided opportunities that would not have been available otherwise and set a model for future change.
World War II did not originally involve the United States. Franklin D. Roosevelt declared the Neutrality Acts in 1935, but used things like the Good Neighbor Policy, the Lend-Lease Act, and the Cash-and-Carry policy to help aid the Allies. It was not until the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor that the United States joined forces with the Allies. On 8 December 1941, FDR...

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