Critical Essay On “A Nuclear Armed Iran: A Difficult But Not Impossible Policy Problem By Barry R. Posen”

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In his paper about Iran’s nuclear program, Barry R. Posen emphasized that Iran’s nuclear program may result on regional and global instability. On regional level, neighboring countries of Iran will feel threatened with Iran’s nuclear power. This situation may lead them to follow Iran’s step in developing nuclear weapons even though they do not have the capability to ensure the security of their nuclear sites. Clearly, nuclear weapons proliferation will put the Middle East in escalating dangerous situation. On global level, the U.S. and its allies are concerned that the situation in the Middle East may harm their national interests. The Middle East is still a prominent producer of oil which is the main energy resource for industrial countries. Conflicts in the Middle East probably affects economy grows in the United States. Based on this situation, the ruling party in the U.S. tends to take decisive approach to ensure that their national interest will remain secure. They will analyze all possibilities and usually take prediction which is based on the nature of Realism Perspective. Therefore, many assumptions may ignore the possibility of goodwill from other countries.
The key point in Posen’s paper is the failure of the U.S. to negotiate with Iran to stop their nuclear program. The next step that the U.S. should take is ensuring its security. Posen also stressed further risk of Iran’s nuclear program for the U.S. and analyze all risks based on the recent situation. Several of Posen concerns are the fact that nuclear weapons might be used by Non-state actors such as terrorists and the possibility that Iran will be inclined to use nuclear weapons to threat Israel or its neighboring countries. Nevertheless, Posen also gives an explanation as to why he thinks that several risks will not become circumstances. Generally, his analysis is based on his understanding on the balance of power and national pragmatism in guaranteeing its security.
Posen’s paper starts with steps that the U.S. should take for nuclear armed Iran. This perspective shows that the writer tends to believe that Iran is in the process of making weapons of mass destruction and not in the process to seek alternative solutions for fulfilling its energy needs. The writers from the U.S. looks stuck in Orientalism; the perspective which believes that the Western perspective is the only way to describe the international politics in recent situations.
Orientalism itself is internalized by several western mass media journalists or scholars through unconscious processes (Alatas, 2012). Several IR scholars, from Europe and the U.S., gain their knowledge from Western literatures and lack of knowledge or experience about Eastern, in this context is Asia, situation and perspectives. This method of research has shaped the inaccurate analysis on Eastern Issues. Also, the experts of IR usually obtain supporting information from the Western mass media which are composed by Western journalists...

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