Critical Essay Population. Controlling Population Size And Growth Will Solve Many Environmental Problems. To What Extent Do You Agree?

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There has been a variety of assumptions made by different authors of how the world population is affecting the environment in terms of overpopulation and population growth.Some assume that controlling the birth rates in developing countries by using legal actions will improve the world´s environment, whereas others contend that overconsumption caused by the developed countries is a greater threat to the world´s environment (Albert,no date:3). This paper argues that both consumption and population must be considered when regarding the environmental problems and their causes as developing countries as well as developed countries stress the nature. Although developed countries have not been faced with problems like overpopulation, they have to be blamed for an overproportional consumption rate.Overconsumption is doing irreparable harm on the environment as natural ressources like water are threatening scarcity. Furthermore a lot of species are in danger to be extincted while the world´s climate and temperature is likely to be changed in near future. The consumption adjusted population table (1990) shows that developed countries like the U.S. are responsible for the highest amount of consumption even though dveloping countries like India have a four times higher population rate. The statistic gives evidence that developed countries have to reduce their impact on the environment to face the problem of lacking ressources worldwide as the less developed countries could be provided with a larger amount of ressources. Also should the price of ressources like water or gasoline be taken into consideration due to relatively low prices in the developed countries. Water in Australia for example is quiet affordable, which gives people no reason to change their behaviour towards their average water consumption. In this regard waterways can be protected by limiting the consumption of water due to increasing prices of water. Taking the Measures of Australia´s Progress (2004) into account the Biodiversity of the landscape has declined since Land clearance and degradation stress the environment, while Australia has one of the highest greenhouse gas emissions in the world. Ignoring or denieing these problems politicans and business industry have no interest in going easy with ressources as it would afford massive economic and social restructuring.However reducing the consumption is not enough in order to prevent the world from running out of natural ressources because overpopulation in...

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