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"Critical Evaluation On How Overtime Culture Becomes A Factor In Overall Success For The Business In A International Environment"

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IntroductionWhen an international organisation expands the operations to a new overseas location the organisation culture and the over time culture of the host region plays a major part in its success. The cultural difference between an organisation and its host environment needs to be critically harmonised for the attainment of sustainable cordial relationship and trust between both parties. This means the clear understanding of the culture practices of a host country is very vital to the successful execution of international organisations' overseas business operations and success. This paper work among others discusses critically how overtime culture becomes a factor in overall success for their business in a host country abroad. All these will be preceded with vital issues of discussions on matters of cultural aspects, management cultures; issues affecting culture with organisation and how organisations may gain interpretative knowledge in overseas operations. The primary research and secondary researches were conducted accordingly where as practical examples or case studies will be applied where necessary.What is culture?This study attempts to gain a clearer understanding of what culture means to different people, The essay comprehends the term "culture" by several definitions from various authors, each of which offers a slightly different views but refers to the same perspective;Schein (1997, p.373) defines culture as "a pattern of shared basic assumptions that the group has learned as it solves its problems of external adoption and internal integration that has worked well enough to be considered valid, therefore to be taught to new members as the contract way to perceive, think and feel in relation to these problems." Jacques. (1952), defines it as, "The culture of the factory is its traditional way of doing things, which is shared to a great or lesser degree by all its members and which new members must learn and partially accept in order to be accepted into service in the firm. Culture in this sense covers a wide range of behaviour: the method of production; job skills and technical knowledge: attitude towards discipline and punishment; the custom and habits of managerial behaviour; the objectives of the concern; its way of doing business; the method of payment and the values placed on different types of works; beliefs in democratic living and joint consultation; and less conscious conventions and taboos."On the other hand, Deal and Kennedy (1994) describe culture as the way people do their everyday things.Garret Morgan (1982) came out with his definition that " the culture metaphor points to another means of creating organised activity by influencing the language, norms, folklore, ceremonies and the social practices that communicate the key ideologies, values and beliefs guiding action".Other to contribute includes Pacanowsly & Donnell- Trujillo who have defined culture as that "Organisational culture, is not just another piece of...

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