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Critical Evaluation On “Leadership And Creativity: Understanding Leadership From A Creative Problem Solving Perspective”

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This article mainly discussed about leadership and creativity from the problem-solving perspective by concerning outcomes from previous studies. The purpose of the article is to develop the individual facts, which is focusing on cognitive processes related to creative outcomes,and to give suggestions of how leaders can enhance the creative problem-solving of their employees. However, there are more complex facts that may affect the creative products in terms of contextual factors; for example, different types of leadership that may affect employee creativity are not fully discussed in this article. Secondly, there are some shortcomings of the research approach by using analytical research method. Next, alternative research method will be suggested in the third part. Therefore, the main purpose of my essay is to demonstrate that there are more factors need to be considered in the process of creative problem-solving and to explain why some other research methods should be used in this focusing topic.
This given article is based on the current research which identified different factors may affect organizational creativity, including both individual and organizational level, the author generally introduced the factors from individual and organizational levels with the models of creativity. Then the author focuses on discussing the individual factors that may influence creative problem-solving. Next, similarities between cognitive processes and creative problem solving are introduced as to come up with the main theme. Specifically, there are four core processes in cognitive process which share the same process of problem solving. While cognitive process in problem solving is an internal fact from employees. The author uses models of creativity to demonstrate the certain kind of facts will influence employee creativity and keep focusing on explaining the cognitive processes involved in creative production by gathering relevant studies by other literature. However, those models in the article restrict the research outcomes as the factors which have effects on creativity are comprehensive. A creative idea is described to be original, novel and surprising, but also should be adaptive, functional and effective (Simonton, 2000). One former research has found that intrinsic motivation may be one of the most important factors that enhance creativity among employees (Amabile, 1983, 1996; Deci & Ryan, 1985). To this point, the intelligence, expertise and creative-thinking ability are also important in employee creativity. Moreover, Mumford and Gustafson (1988) demonstrated that the environment variables play vital roles in stimulating employee creativity as they provide various resources for employees to pursue innovative ideas. On the other hand, a leader is a group member who influences the entire group member in decision making and productivity (Simonton, 1995). Additionally, Leadership in organizations plays a significant role as an environmental...

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