Critical Observation Paper

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In my work organization an emotional conflict of behavior is recognized as a clash of personalities. In my organization there are four females and one male. The male is my supervisor and the four females are my co-workers. Occasionally, there are differences of choice when we have meetings or discussions and projects, but normally it doesn’t lead to any anger or resentment toward any of the co-workers. My supervisor usually ask everyone their opinions or their suggestions when we have meetings or projects to complete. At times, there is an air of disagreement or resentment. My supervisor usually has already made up his mind what he feels need to be done. Regardless of what we think he will find some indications of proving his ideas are a better choice. My organization is so accustom to this that we normally go right along with him. There are some resent here but we know the boss has the final decision.There are times when one of my co-workers or myself will challenge his decisions by getting all the issues and concern out into the open without creating a controversy. I try to always lean toward a direct discussion of the problem or decision. Sometime this means giving up some points in exchange for others to voice their opinions. Differences are opinions are not always worth worrying about. Working through differences, I usually try to show the logic and benefits of my position. The easy solution is to find a common position that is intermediate between my director, co-workers and myself. This is usually done, by demonstrating a fair combination of gains and losses for all of us.Conflicts that cause personalities to clash are very upsetting when allowed to grow. If more information is required to study this observation of behavior in my organization, it would be involving a group of people who are in daily frequent contact with each other. Research study would involve behaviorism with observable behavior in accordance to John Watson, who found behaviorism. In his study, he believed that rewards and punishment shape all that we do. He focused on observable behavior as opposed to the mind Lahey, B. (2004). Social psychology can also examine the effects of a group or society on indivdual’s behavior when researched. It is important to remain bias in my observations and conclusions about the cause or derivatives of the personality clashes. This is...

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