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“From a very early age…I knew that when I grew up I should be a writer.”- George Orwell in ‘Why I Write’ (1965)
As a writer, I am aware that there are different types ‘voices’ when it comes to their personal writing. During the course of this module I’ve learned a lot about my personal ‘voice’ and it has helped enhance my writing skills. For example, there will be times where I will have to force myself to write, even when I don’t have the motivation to; because sometimes I can get a great story or poem out of it. Other things that I have learned during this module are: old habits aren’t always the best and I should save my energy on keeping them around, and at times imitating the works of other writers can help teach new techniques I would not have learned in any other way.
When I first started writing, I would write mostly poetry and sometimes short stories. I would usually take days to write a good poem, and weeks for a good story. Sometimes I would get so busy that I would put it off for a while and I wouldn’t get back to it for a month or so. Although ever since I started this course I had to use the time that was given to me, especially the rest of the week till the next class. As Dorothea Brande said in her book ‘Becoming a Writer’ in Chapter Six: “Decide for yourself when you will take the time for writing; for you are going to write in it.” I would usually write my stories at night, around 7:30-8pm since I that would be around the time I would have the sudden urge to write.
When I wrote the first draft of ‘Good Deed’, I had started writing it around 8pm as I had planned that morning I would. While I was writing it, I thought it would take me a little less than an hour to write since I had the idea of what I wanted to do with the story when I first received the assignment. But as I was writing it I noticed it was going to take me a lot longer than I expected it to, about two and a half hours. Especially when I had decided to change the story completely after I had noticed that it was going to be awfully long and it would seem more like a novel than a prose.
Granted, there are times where I do not have a specific thing in mind in terms on what to write about. For example, for assignment three, I had to write about an incident/scene involving my best friend. As I sat down at the specific time I told myself I would, I didn’t know which incident or scene I could possibly write about. I sat there for ten minutes before I went up to ask her about her dog, as she always has some funny or heart warming story about him. When I had gotten all I needed for the story I went ahead and wrote, although I still was not sure how to write it, I wrote something. Which reminds me of something Dorothea Brande had written in chapter six of he book ‘Becoming a Writer’ “Write sense or nonsense, limericks or blank verse; write what you think of your employer or your secretary or your teacher; write a story synopsis or a fragment of dialogue, or the...

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