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Critical Response To The Most Important Question: Should All Americans Have Health Insurance?

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Society has, throughout history, introduced several questions that we, as a people, have to answer. However, none of these answers can satisfy everyone and have some negative drawbacks. The editors of Searching for Great Ideas agree with that statement based what they said on page 30… Some current issues that can be examined are gender and sexual equality in society, the access to education, and health care. I feel that the world’s most important questions involve, in some way, health care. One such question that I feel has the uttermost importance is that our system of health insurance is linked to employment. Health insurance usually is provided by the employer, with some contribution from the employee; but more than ever, we have many people working part-time, or working through other non-traditional arrangements (like at home). Therefore, it limits many people from receiving health care insurance and proposes “do you think that all Americans should have health insurance?” I feel, like most people, that everyone should have the option to have health care insurance if they so choose. This also causes several subcategory questions to formulate from this question. As a future Dr., these will be issues that I will have to deal with on a daily basis. Even though I won’t have the authority to change some important health care legislation, I do have the power to comfort my patients through their tough times.
Do we have a moral obligation to provide health care to everyone as needed or is health care a commodity that should be subject to the same marketplace influences as other commodities? I feel that everyone should receive health care; otherwise, health care will be subject to the similar issues that education falls under. For example, middle class family having a hard time sent their children to college due to the amount schools expecting them to pay. This is something I am experiencing first-hand, going to Cornell University. Thus, this will lead to health care influenced by the some negatives of the free market. These are just a few of the sub questions caused by the most important question of “do you think all Americans should have health care?”
According to a study in The Journal of the American Medical Association, nearly 40 percent of physicians have manipulated insurance reimbursement receive needed care (Wynia). One example is that physicians have exaggerated patients' symptoms to allow them to stay in the hospital longer, and changed patients' diagnoses for billing purposes. Another problem with health care that I found out when volunteering at a local hospital is the requirement by hospitals for doctors to see, on average, one patient per five minutes. However, I feel that this is not enough time to fully diagnose a patient and listen to their problems and symptoms. Therefore, I will not practice such heinous acts because I have the possibility of being sued for misdiagnosing symptoms. I plan on giving my patients all of the options and...

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