Critical Reading On Patriarchal Confusion? London School Of Economics Assignment

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Critical Reading on Patriarchal Confusion?
Shiyuan Li
Through a reading and analysis of Sarah Bulmer’s article, patriarchal confusion? (2013), I summarize Sarah’s objective of research on which her research is mainly based, and the key approach she adopted to scrutinize patriarchal confusion. Besides, I conclude several crucial concepts in Sarah’s work in order to interpret her principle argument and further suggestions about the sites of patriarchal confusion which might be fertile grounds for feminists’ interposition. This is followed by an evaluative examine into Sarah’s argument and I demonstrate several research weaknesses, namely the taken-for-granted coherence between feminism and homosexual pursuits and the absence of policy-makers’ perspective, after which I come up with my own argument and reflective opinions.
Patriarchal confusion; heteronormative; case-study; interposition
Patriarchal confusion in the military
In patriarchal confusion? (2013), Sarah Bulmer places emphasis on the patriarchal confusion, occurring when queer identity and military identity come to an intersection, examined through ‘performativity’ of which the concepts are from Butler (1999). A well-established qualitative case-study approach is adopted in this essay for two key processes to capture the emerging complexities of patriarchal confusion: (1) by scrutinizing the process of the ban of discharging gay personnel being overturned in British armed forces, Bulmer investigates the conceptual aporia when the military intends to declare sexuality in private sphere; (2) by scrutinizing the interview of three military workers with different ranks and roles showing contrasting views on LGBT participation in 2008 London Pride, Bulmer undertakes an amplified analysis of their responses and offers a detailed inquiry about paradoxical military identities. A performative approach of which the crucial insight is that gender ought to be understood based on the alleged ‘matrix of intelligibility’, is taken in this study to reveal how gender identities are governed and reproduced. In the process of the legitimacy of LGBT inclusion, queer identity is regulated or disciplined by the military identity, through the legitimacy of ‘coming out’ behaviors and then marginalizing other activities, despite of the patriarchal confusion, originating from the attempt to distinguish sexual identity and military identity into private/public sphere, which still reinforces the heterosexual gender norm. Correspondingly in the LGBT personnel marching at London Pride event, when gender subjects are relying upon the intrinsic heterosexual norm to seek their self-recognition within the social realm, the patriarchal rule will continuously be reproduced and take place to marginalize the minority, even if patriarchal confusion has shown the paradoxical nature of heteronormative.
Through investigating different cases, the specific objective of this study is to demonstrate the...

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