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Critical Reading Review Essay

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The novel And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie was first published in 1939. The novel is about 10 people who were falsely led to an Indian Island by a man who goes by the name “U.N. Owen”, which the guests later found out stood for UNKNOWN. The 10 people were accused of murdering someone in their past. Slowly, the people each get murdered one by one. The people's guilt causes some to go crazy. One of the ten, Vera Claythorne, caught onto the way the people were being murdered. A nursery rhyme which was placed in each one of the guest's rooms told the way in which each person would be murdered. Ten Indian figurines, which stood for each one of the guests, sat on the table each one ...view middle of the document...

The violent storm created a feeling of suspense. The tone or mood of the story is dark and sinister. The setting helped reveal that. An isolated mansion with an open layout housed the 10 guests in their last days. The island that the story took place on is called Soldier Island and it is located off the coast of England. That is probably because the author wrote the story in England. The story takes place in the past causing the style of the story to be old language and old fashioned means. Vocabulary words, such as malevolent, were used.
A lot of characterization was in the novel. The novel had an omniscient point of view which meant that the narrator knew all of the thoughts and feelings of each of the characters. The characters had mixed feelings of guilt and they were always trying to get the pointed finger off of them. In Justice Wargrave's confession he tells about how he knew as soon as the guests were accused of their murder cases that they had indeed committed the crime just by how they were reacting. In the novel Vera Claythorne speaks with General Macarthur before his death and he is very nervous and foreshadows his death by saying that death is very near to him. Mr. Blore tried to hide his identity by calling himself Mr. Davis because he thought he was hired as a detective on the island. Dr. Armstrong, Mr. Blore, and...

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