Critical Reflection Essay On Clinical Experience Using Carper's Ways Of Knowing University Of Saskatchewan/ Nursing Year 3 Essay

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Critical Reflection Journal Using Carper’s Way of Knowing
Chidera Achuonye
University of Saskatchewan
October 4, 2017
Submitted to: Jill Zdunich
Critical Reflection Journal Using Carper’s Way of Knowing
The Scenario
It was my first shift on the postpartum ward. We were supposed to buddy with a nurse in taking care of our assigned patients. My patient had some morning medications and was to be discharged. My nurse informed the patient of what was going on, took the discharge sheets from the patients room and we left to go get the medications. The nurse opened the MAR, looked at the medications my patient was on, took them out of the medication cart, put the medications in her pocket, and signed on the MAR. She did no checks or rights at all and I was shocked because I had seen bad practice but I had never see pocketing of patient drugs. She handed the drugs to the patient and gave her the discharge forms, where she had ticked some boxes, to read through and ask questions if she had any. My patient had 2 kids and this was her third so the nurse assumed that she had enough experience and did not think it was necessary to go through the discharge forms again. My patient had a few questions which were answered by the nurse and then she was sent home.
In this paper, I will explore my understanding and insight of my clinical experience using the Carper’s ways of knowing as a guide. Carper’s ways of knowing includes empirical knowing, personal knowing, ethical knowing, esthetic knowing and sociopolitical knowing. However, I will only be applying empirical, personal and ethical knowing to this scenario.
Empirical Knowing
Empirical knowing is the basically the science of nursing. Empirical knowledge results from experimental, historical, or phenomenological research and is used to justify actions and procedures in practice (Khuan, 2006). The empirical way of knowing helps me identify and evaluate the facts of my situation and how it should be handled using evidence-based practice. I will be focusing on the two situations embedded in this scenario; pocketing of medications and improper conduct of discharge teaching. Firstly, handing drugs to the patient from pockets is wrong in so many ways. To the nurse, this practice may have seemed logical because she is used to the drugs or she has been handing out drugs this way without any consequences but evidence based practice requires a nurse to perform the 10 rights and 3 checks of medications before administering any medication at all. As the popular saying goes, “It only takes one!” Administering medications to patients without any check or rights can lead to medication errors which has a range of consequences from no notable effects to patient death; it can also have a serious effect on the health care provider; they could feel shame, guilt, and self-doubt (Pham et al., 2011). In regards to the poor conduct of discharge teaching, it is...


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